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Raise your son to be the husband you want your daughter to marry


Dear Nigerian mothers, raise your sons to be the husbands you want your daughters to marry.

Raise your sons well because you are not only raising a man, you are raising someone’s husband and father.

I have heard so many women complain about bad men times without numbers, and it has kept me wondering how much longer would it take before such men are wiped out of the face of the earth.

Well I don’t think so, because women are the ones creating these monstrous men all by themselves.

I have a friend on my Facebook list, who gave birth to her first child(a girl)….. No naming ceremony, no birthday, nothing out of the ordinary except for the usual picture uploads every mother on Facebook does when updating about her kid or kids.

Then she gave birth to her second child(a boy). There was so much hype about having a son on Facebook, there was always pictures of him here and there, there was a naming ceremony, there was a birthday and so many other ways she celebrated her almighty son.

She is already showing that her son is more important than her daughter.

As a mother…


You do not allow your son take part in any house chores because he is a man, and men are not supposed to be domesticated.

Your son is not allowed anywhere near the kitchen, because a woman’s place is in the kitchen and he is a man.

You make his sisters serve him his food at will and even clear the table for him when he finishes because, that’s how women should serve their husbands.

You get reports about your son hitting your neighbours daughter or some girl somewhere, and instead of you to scold your son, you blame the poor girl for running her mouth too much, afterall she should know that he is of greater strength and hot tempered because he is a man.

Nigerian mothers, raise your sons well

You set out things for him and his sister to do. You get back home and find out none had obeyed your orders. You scold your daughter for misbehaving, or even hit her. As for your son, he is just being a man.

He returns home late as a teenager, hangs out with some set of egocentric teens like him, and most times you find him hanging around teenage girls, yet you claim that BOYS WILL ALWAYS BE BOYS.

You call him pet names, even when he is angry because you scolded him, thereby making him feel like a semi god.

You make him believe that amongst your children, that being a boy means being greater and better than being a girl.

What about when he impregnates a girl?

Some mothers will call the girl in question names and accuse her of trying to trap your son with pregnancy. They will reject the girl and her child, and some will even fly their almighty son abroad, because they don’t want him getting involve with the girl ever again.

Okay. This is definitely not how to raise responsible men for other people’s daughters to marry. You are creating a monster.

I met a woman recently who told me she still takes breakfast in bed to her 24years old son, because he was drunk the previous night, and she doesn’t want him to go through hangover on an empty stomach.

She does his laundry, and still caters for him.(“Wonderful mother”, I scuffed)

She said he doesn’t contribute at all to the upkeep and running of the house, but she doesn’t care because according to her, he is still her baby.

She told me how much she adores her son, how she still calls him her baby, and how she knows his salary is spent to fuel his clubbing and womanising habits.

She said he has no permanent girlfriend, but she is not worried because he is only being the a man.

She concluded her tale by telling me how she wishes he finds a wife who would love and look after him the way she does.

I laughed. I told her she was joking, and she better be prepared to have him all to herself forever.

Women are complaining about the bad men our mothers brought up, yet the type of men a lot of women are breeding today are going to be much worst.

You’re creating a self absorbed man.
You’re creating a cheat.
You’re creating a lazy man.
You’re creating a wife beater.
You’re creating a good for nothing fellow, who’d think he is doing women favours by being with them.
You’re creating a man who sees himself as a semi god.

You’re creating a MONSTER!

And when he meets a woman who knows her worth, a woman who can’t stand his sorry ass, you’ll call her ” a wayward city girl”.

When no woman agrees to put up with your piece of thrash, you’ll claim that women of today are no longer wife materials.

You are making your son unlovable, intolerable, overbearing, and inconsiderate.

You are creating a monster, and no woman can be able to live and love the monster you are creating except you.

Dear mothers, raise your sons to be the type of men you wish their fathers were.

By Zobba Zanne Zeuss



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