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10 things you shouldn’t do when a man breaks up with you


There are some things you shouldn’t do when a man breaks up with you. It is heartbreaking when you suffer a break up. It hurts when the man you love breaks up with you, but you don’t have to grovel at his feet for him to take you back. You will end up humiliating yourself.

You should know what to do after a breakup with your boyfriend and what not to do after a breakup. You might be asking, ‘what is the best way to act after a breakup?’

The 10 rules below will guide you on what you shouldn’t do after a break up no matter how much he misses you.

Beg him to take you back

Woman, keep your dignity. Losing that man and the relationship you have invested in might not feel cool right now, but being alone is far better than being in a bad relationship.

Pretend everything is okay

You don’t need to pretend that everything is okay. You are not okay. You experienced a breakup. Don’t feel ashamed about it. You need to grieve the loss of the relationship or you will find it harder to move on. Cry a river if you must but move on afterwards.

Stalk your ex

Stalking your ex on social media is bad idea. Posting cryptic messages about your ex or the breakup is not necessary no matter how hurt you are. Resist the temptation to do that. You can unfriend or block your ex on social media instead of stalking them.

Have sex with your ex

This is a bad idea. Having sex with your ex will give you a false hope of you people coming back together again and when that doesn’t happen after the sex, you become heartbroken. You will regret it. Sex isn’t going to bring him back into your life.

10 things you shouldn’t do after a break up

Give up on love and life

One thing you shouldn’t do after a breakup is give up on love and life. A failed relationship is not the end of your life. One bad experience shouldn’t make you give up on love or life. Don’t resign yourself to a lifetime of misery. You will meet someone who will love you.


Becoming self-destructive

You don’t have to drown your pain in unhealthy habits. Don’t use alcohol to ease your pain. Resist the urge to badmouth your ex to everyone you know. Don’t isolate yourself completely. It’s easy to feel out of control after a breakup, but don’t self destruct. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Check up on your ex

No matter how long you have spent with a man, checking up on him after the pain of breakup is still fresh in your mind is a bad idea. This is important if you have mutual friends. You have no business asking friends who he’s dating. Tell your friends to respect your break-up and keep the conversation away from your ex. Focus on your own life and try to stop thinking about what they may or may not be doing without you.

Stay ‘friends’

Staying friends with your ex post break-up is a terrible idea. If it’s because you think you have a chance of getting back together then you are just setting yourself up for more hurt. You might become friends some time down the line, but when you are still emotionally hurt by the breakup, you need time apart to heal from your hurt.

Go on revenge mission

Revenge might seem like a timely idea, but please, don’t go there. Destroying his things with you or vandalizing his property is petty. Focus on the positive, and turn your energies to getting on with your life rather than going on a revenge mission against your ex. Move on to other things. Better your life. Go for a course or learn a new skill. Focus that energy on doing positive things.

Have sex with a friend

Having sex with your friend when you are newly heartbroken is not a great idea. Your judgment is clouded at that time and you are still hurting. Just because your friend happens to be in the right place at the right time doesn’t mean getting naked together will make you feel better. It might create more problems for you.

In case you are asking, ‘Is it normal for couples to break up and get back together?’ This doesn’t happen in all cases. If you both are willing to try it out one more time, that’s good, but no woman should be begging a man to come back into her life when he has moved on. You need to move on too.


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