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10 kinds of people every woman should stay away from


Dear woman, stay away from people who don’t add value to your life. These people bring nothing but negativity and drama into your life.

Free yourself from anyone that makes you feel inferior. You don’t need to be around anyone who feels superior to you and doesn’t respect you, your feelings and decisions.

Stay away from anyone who uses your weaknesses to mock you. We all have weaknesses, so no one should use yours against you.

Don’t entertain anyone who treats you like a nobody. You are somebody. You were not created to be treated like trash. Move on with your life.

10 kinds of people every woman should stay away from

Don’t hesitate to cleanse your life and space of people who make you feel small. These ones don’t want you to be greater than them. They will use their words to reduce you so that they can feel good about themselves.

You don’t need anyone who makes you doubt yourself and makes you feel inferior. You shouldn’t be with people who fan your insecurities. You need people who will help you become better and not worse.

Stay away from people who talk about other people’s lives whenever you are with them. These ones will also gossip about you. They focus on other people’s lives instead of bettering themselves.

Stay away from people who do nothing but judge other people’s lives and their decisions. They go around with too much negativity. You don’t need to entertain tale bearers.


Don’t entertain people who justify abuse of women and children and blame rape victims for getting raped. These ones are terrible. Stay away from them. Rapists rape because they want to feel powerful and in control and not because the victims provoked them.

Trash such relationships without looking back. Take charge of your life and live well.

It doesn’t matter who the person is, stay away. They are not good for you.

Toxic relationships pollute your mind and soul. They rob you of your self worth. Stay away from toxic people.


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