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10 mistakes women make in relationships


Many women make mistakes in relationships. They make early dating mistakes that come back to hurt them in the future.

Keeping a relationship is not easy but one of the worst relationship mistakes a woman can make is forcing a man to be with her when he doesn’t love her.

I know some women ask themselves, ‘how should a woman act in a relationship that will make it last almost forever?’ One thing women should do is learn from common relationship mistakes of other women.

Different women have different relationship challenges but they can avoid heartbreaks and heartaches by knowing the relationship mistakes to avoid.

Here are 10 biggest mistakes women make in relationships that every woman needs to avoid making.

You don’t know your worth

Are you chasing after a man who treats you poorly? Are you attracted unavailable guys? Are you afraid to ask to be treated with respect? Do you put up with abuse expecting things to magically change one day? You should know your worth. The man you are dating should love and respect you as much as you love and respect him.

You are looking for a man to complete you


Women who live life like they need men to complete them end up in bad relationships. Those who invest in themselves and do some personal development work have a huge advantage when it comes to attracting good men.

Women who know they are complete in themselves understand how to effectively and efficiently connect with good men because they are not desperate to attract the wrong men.

10 mistakes women make in relationships

You create constant drama instead of good memories

If your man is worked up all the time because you love to create drama, that is not a healthy relationship for both of you. Prove your value to your man by solving problems and making things easy.

Many men are put off by unnecessary drama that arises when their women allow their emotions run wild. You shouldn’t be creating drama all the time. Give your man peace and if issues arise, talk about them instead of doing drama.

You try to tie him down with pregnancy

This may be one of the biggest mistakes women make over and over again. You don’t go out with a man once and expect him to propose marriage on your next date.

Both of you need to know each other well before discussing marriage. And if he is clearly not ready to settle down, trapping him with pregnancy is a wrong move.

You try to change him

There’s nothing that turns off a man like meeting a woman he truly loves and she is trying to turn him into a project that she’s going to fix.

You might be criticizing the way he dresses, or ridiculing his appearance. Fight the urge to change him with your complaints, ridicule, teasing or even unrequested advice.

You are forcing yourself on him

If a man doesn’t see you in his future, don’t force him to include you. Relationships are about finding someone who resonates with you and shares common life goals and interests.

If he doesn’t feel you are part of his future, scheming to fix yourself into his life is a big mistake. If you like cook for his ancestors and wash all the clothes in his lineage, you are wasting your time.

You don’t appreciate what your man does for you

There are some self-centered and entitled women who believe they are entitled to a man’s money and gifts. They are not grateful for the men they are in relationships with.

It’s also not unheard for these kinds of women to buy gifts for their men yet they want the most expensive things from their men. One of the mistakes you can make in relationships is taking advantage of your partner.

You break his trust

If a man is going to consider a future with you, he has to trust you enough to build a life with you. You must show him that you can have his back as much as he has yours covered.

He must be able to trust that you have his best interests at heart and will support his dreams. You don’t break his trust and expect him to still stick with you.

You are too independent

Many successful women find it hard to be in good relationships because they are self reliant and appear as if they don’t need men.

While being independent and making money is good for a woman, focusing on that alone might cost you some relationships. Any man who wants to date might not see himself playing any role in your life.

You don’t share what you have

Women have the innate desire to nurture and care for their men. It’s about putting your partner first. If you are more interested in taking than giving, you are making a big mistake.

You should know that healthy relationships aren’t about taking, they are about giving. You need to figure out what exactly you bring to the table in your relationship and make him value your presence in his life.



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