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10 differences between ideal marriages and Nigerian marriages


Do you know that there are differences between ideal marriages and Nigerian marriages? Some things that couples  do in ideal marriages don’t happen in many Nigerian marriages. If you doubt me, read the post below and deduce things for yourself. For me, I will choose an ideal marriage any day, anytime because my sanity is the most important thing before what society thinks I should do.

IM: Husband is told to love and cherish his wife. He is mandated to treat her like his partner.

NM: Wife is commanded by almost everybody to submit to husband even if he’s killing her. He’s her head and she’s nothing without him.

IM: Husband and wife split bills and work together to build a happy marriage.

NM: Husband calls for family meeting so that wife can be stopped from working so that she won’t be richer than husband.

IM: When husband raises hands at wife, she calls the police who escorts husband away from their home. The law deals with him.

NM: Husband beats wife, she reports to the police, they ask her what she did for husband to beat her. They conclude she’s stubborn and needs corrective beating.

IM: Husband cheats, wife deals with him any way she deems fit. She can divorce him or give him another chance but it all depends on her.


NM: Husband cheats on wife. Wife informs family members, they blame her for his irresponsibility and command her to kneel down and ask him for forgiveness for snooping.

Difference between ideal marriages and Nigerian marriages

IM: In ideal marriages, when wife has challenges conceiving, husband accompanies her to hospital for all the necessary tests and they face the fertility challenges together.

NM: Wife delays in getting pregnant, family members start calling her names and threaten to replace her. Husband refuses to go for tests because he’s a real man. His wife is the one with the problem.

SM: Couple have only girls and they are happy with their family. They give their girls the best things life has to offer.

NM: Wife is blamed for having only girls who will turn out to be prostitutes. Husband is advised to go and marry another woman who will give him boys.

SM: Husband abandons family for whatever reason. His wife moves on with her life. She doesn’t wait around for him to come back to his senses.

NM: Husband abandons wife and children for years and wife starts running from church to mountain praying for him to return. When he comes back depleted of money and bodily fluids, she goes to church to give testimony.

SM: Husband consults wife when he wants to take decisions regarding their family beca6he sees her as his equal and his partner.

NM: Wife doesn’t know what husband is doing until it’s done. Consulting her before he makes decisions means he’s not the head. He must show her that he’s in charge.

SM: Husband and wife are left alone by family members to build their family themselves. No one interferes unnecessarily in their marriage.

NM: Family members tell husband and wife how to live their lives. Wife is reminded that she married husband’s whole family and they can treat her with disrespect.

SM: Husband suffers financial setback and wife steps in to cater for the family needs without problems. Husband appreciates her efforts and supports her.

NM: Husband suffers financial setback, wife steps in on his behalf and she is accused of using his luck to shine. She is accused of turning husband to houseboy.

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