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This is the biggest challenge facing Nigerian women in relationships

One of the biggest challenge Nigerian women face when it comes to relationships and marriages is knowing when to let go when love is no longer being served. These women make up different excuses just to keep hanging on to toxic relationships.
That is why when you encounter a woman who is being abused by the man she kisses, has sex with and even have children for, she tells you that she won’t leave him after suffering for years with him so that another woman will come and reap where she has not sown. She is basically saying she can’t let go of a man hurting her.
You take a look at her battered body, wounded spirit, as well as her swollen lips and eyes and wonder what another woman would come and reap from a violent man who thinks a woman’s body is his punching bag. They will prefer to die at the hands of violent men than leave and go seek love somewhere else. Such sad, pathetic creatures!
Many women don’t know when to let go of verbal abusive men. They don’t know when to let go of physically abusive men. They don’t know when to let go of emotionally abusive men. They also don’t know when to let of relationships and marriages draining them of their peace and sanity. They will chant: “Marriage is for better for worst”. What a pity!
Nigerian women find it hard to let go of relationships
Dear Nigerian women, it is not by force to be in a relationship. It is not by force to be married when all you do is cry, suffer abuse and beatings and cry some more. If that relationship is loveless and toxic, it is not for you. That is not the purpose of a relationship. You don’t go into a relationship to be treated like a doormat.
A relationship should be for companionship and sharing your life together with a man that treats you like a Queen. You shouldn’t die trying to keep a relationship. Love your man, treat him with respect but when he takes you for granted and continuously treats you like crap, let him go. He is not the only man on earth.
Women, stop settling for wicked men because you just want to be in a relationship. Stop listening to people who tell you to continue enduring abuse. They are not the ones suffering the pains and trauma of staying in a toxic relationship. Know when to let go of a relationship when love has become absent.
If a man hurting you and breaking your soul, drop him fast without looking back. Know when to let go of that relationship because you deserve all the love and care you give to your partner. If your man is hurting you more than he’s making you happy, let him go. You deserve more.

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