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The worst form of break-up any woman can suffer


If your partner suddenly disappears for no reason, stops speaking to you; ignores your phone calls, does not reply your messages and avoids any form of contacts with you for weeks or months, it is known as ghosting. When someone you love starts ghosting you, it is their way of ending the relationship without facing the emotional work that comes with confronting you and telling you the truth.

When your man starts ghosting you, he suddenly, becomes busy all day. He always has something important he needs to do. Even though it is true that people get unbelievably busy sometimes, but even on those busiest days, they always make out time for their partners through text messages or spare a minute to call their loved one at least.

Being ghosted is an awful side of a person you love and care about. If they eventually pick your call after ignoring it for a while, they promise to call back with no definite time or day and then take like forever to get back to you. They reschedule your meeting with vague dates like ‘sometime next week’. This leaves you feeling like you did something wrong. Every avenue to reach or see them to get a closure is shut down.

It is possible you will see them on social media cracking jokes with online friends and chatting away, while they read and ignore your messages. Some even take it a notch higher by blocking you on all accessible social avenues. Through their behaviour, it is obvious they no longer want you to reach them until they feel like it and they don’t feel obligated to answer you.

Ghosting a woman is a terrible form of break up

And if they eventually agree to speak with you or mistakenly run into you after days, weeks or even months of leaving you in the dark, they have this air of arrogance around them, they don’t even offer you apologies. They don’t even make efforts to contribute to the conversation you try to have with them. They just make it seem like you don’t deserve any explanations because they don’t share same interests with you anymore. While their behavior is noticeably different, they will deny anything is wrong with their strange behaviour.

However we choose to look at it, it is mean, cowardly, agonizing and rude to ghost your partner even if the feeling is no longer there. This is not a polite rejection but a rude shut down. Getting ghosted is the worse form of break-up any woman can suffer because she doesn’t have an idea of what she did wrong to be treated that way.

Dear woman, if your partner ghosts you, you cannot change what happened, but you can do something about it. Take charge of your own reaction to enable you find closure. Do not take their behavior personal, even if you feel otherwise. Choose to believe that their shutting you out has nothing to do with who you are or something you did.

The person is just an immature coward. They made a choice to not communicate with you any longer and that message clear enough. You deserve a better and matured person who knows the worth of communication in a relationship no matter what. There is no point crying over split milk.


If after ghosting you, your partner resurfaces with apologies and wants you back, if you plan on taking them back, just be prepared for another heart break because they might ghost you again. It’s what such people do best. They are terrible people with no empathy whatsoever. Learn from their actions and move on to avoid the risk of getting hurt again.



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