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I sent my wife away three years ago, now I regret my action


“I sent my wife away three years ago when I came back to Nigeria due to all lies my mother told me about her.

I expected her to come with her people to beg but she served me divorced later instead. I granted her divorce wish because I believed everything my mother told me.

My mother on her death bed last year apologized and confessed she lied against my wife. I have been trying to make up with her but she said she will never have anything to do with me again.

Her wedding to her new husband is on Saturday and I feel so bad because this woman supported me when I had nothing. I wish I can correct this mistake because I just lost a gem of a woman.”


I sent my wife away now I regret my decision

I wish all women were like the woman in this story. You don’t beg for a man’s love. If love is not being given freely or it’s non existent in your relationship, take a long walk and never look back.

Every woman deserves better than putting up with a man who believes other people over her, one who doesn’t trust her and one who thinks she should continue begging him to be loved.

I love the woman in this story. She has a healthy self esteem and she knows she deserves better and she went for it. Nigerian women need to put their dignity and happiness first over any relationship even it’s a marriage.


Dear Nigerian men, forget what this society taught you about women, love and marriage and get to know your woman for yourself. If you don’t trust her enough to be your wife especially if she has not given you reasons to doubt her, let her go.

Men, stop listening to malicious tales and stories about your wives no matter who is telling you the story. Find out things for yourself. Investigate the stories till you are satisfied with your findings but don’t lose a good woman over malicious gossips.


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