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What do young men bring into marriages these days?


What are young men are bringing into marriages these days? What are they doing to appear appealing and presentable to young ladies?

It is not only women that should be hounded with what men want in marriages. Women have needs to too that these young men should meet.

What I find annoying is how ladies are expected to put up with disrespectful and insecure boys just because they have to get married.

These boys who think they are God’s gift to women do almost nothing to improve their lives. They don’t put efforts into building their characters yet they feel entitled to well behaved women. What nonsense!

You come to a single lady’s wall to tell her that the reason she’s not married at her age is because she’s always traveling abroad.

But at your age, you haven’t even travelled to Ghana by road yet you think you have the right to advise a grown woman on how to live her life.

Young men, what are you bringing into marriages?

You even have the nerve to tell her that you will call her to advise her on how to behave and live her life so that she can attract a husband.

Boys of these days play too much. They have no respect for women. They don’t respect boundaries. They lack decorum and possess over bloated egos.


It is sad that even though these boys were not taught how to respect women and treat them right, they have also refused to educate themselves. That’s tragic.

If at your age, you think you have the right to tell another adult how to live her life because she’s a woman, you are not well. The foolishness that runs in your veins needs to be expunged.

If a man feels threatened by a successful young lady who travels abroad all the time and does her business without hassles, then he’s not the kind of man she needs in her life. Who needs an enemy of progress for a spouse anyway?

Who even told you the lady in question wants to get married? Why do you sit in your average house living your average life and assume a woman wants to be equally yoked with men like you who are dripping with low self esteem and insecurities?

You people should stop this nonsense because it’s annoying. Dear concerned average young man, besides your penis and bloated ego, what are you bringing into a marriage if a young lady decides she wants to marry you today?


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