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The silly questions Nigerians are still asking


At this time and age, we are still asking silly questions instead of tackling the hypocrisy that defines us as a people.

We are still asking if a man should marry a woman who cannot cook on television programmes.

We are not concerned about ladies being groped, fingered, robbed, beaten and raped at concerts.

We are not concerned about parents verbally and emotionally damaging their children that some of them are pushed to commit suicide.

We are not concerned about irresponsible parents popping out children they cannot take care of like popcorn.

We are not concerned about the get rich quick syndrome taking over the lives of youths that some now kill their parents and relatives just for money.

We are not concerned about little children being raped and sodomized by their parents, relatives, religious leaders and their mates.

We are not concerned about how our roads and hospitals have become death traps that people are left to die like chickens everyday.


We are not concerned about girls and women being dispossessed of what rightfully belongs to them because of their gender.

We are not concerned about challenging harmful cultural practices against widows, married women and children.

We are not concerned about this country, the hunger in the land, the upsurge of crime and the future of our children.

We are not concerned about how we can get stiffer punishments for rapists and pedophiles with what we read in the news everyday.

We are still talking about submission, food, who will cook, who will clean, who will fight side chic and keep home.

The world has left us behind and we are still talking about pleasing broke, ill mannered, insecure boyfriends and husbands.

Some people are still telling women that no matter what they have achieved, they are just necks. They are nothing without their heads, sorry husbands.

At this time, we are still measuring a woman’s worth by her marital status. People are still hounding single ladies to put up with men who have nothing to offer them just to be married.

Una road still far. The things I read here are annoying as they are sad.


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