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Lies Nigerian society tells women about relationships


For decades, the Nigerian society has fed women lies about men and relationships. Women have been told to behave in certain ways because it attracts men. They are told to do things in certain ways because it will  keep their men by their sides for life.

Women have been told to do some things that will make their men love and appreciate them more. Even churches promote some of these lies. The sad thing is that some women have died trying so hard to be good women in the eyes of this hypocritical society.

Here are some lies society has fed women for decades when it comes to dating, marriage and relationships.

1. If you marry as a virgin, your husband will love you for life. He will respect you more and find it hard to replace you because you kept yourself for him. Lies. What about men cheating on their virgin wives with non virgins and prostitutes? Did they fall from the sky?

Lies society tells women about men and relationships

2. If you suffer with a man, you will enjoy when he finally becomes successful. This one scatters my low cut. There are many stories of men who suddenly discovered their wives are no longer in their class immediately they make it in life. I am not saying some men don’t stick to their wives who were there for them when they were struggling, but from the experience of many women, suffering with a man and starting from the scratch with him doesn’t guarantee anything.

3. Men like women who don’t show off their intelligence. This lie is from the pit of hell. While many Nigerian men are insecure around bold, outspoken and intelligent women, some men love such women and they don’t take them for granted. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

4. When your husband cheats, the other woman is the problem. This lie has sent some women to their graves because they went to fight side chicks. Madam married woman, stop listening to these fables. If your husband cheats, hold him responsible for the pain he caused you. He’s the one who made vows to love and hold you for life not the other woman. He’s not a baby. He knows right from wrong, so quit fighting unnecessary battles with strange women. Your husband is the strange man.

5. You are the home builder. You are responsible for the success of your relationship and marriage. This lie has turned many married women into shadows of themselves. It takes two committed and willing people to make their marriage work. You cannot be building and the man will be scattering what you are building. That’s unnecessary labour.





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