Sad tales of Nigerian women married to die-hard bachelors

Some Nigerian women are married to die-hard bachelors. These men are married but they live like bachelors and refuse to be responsible. They don’t pay attention to their wives, they don’t take care of their children, nor respect their wives.

Many young ladies pray to get married to responsible husbands. But in some cases, this prayer is never answered. In some instances, the women are too blind to see the kind of men they are settling down with. It is sad to see a growing trend of men who refuse to be responsible husbands and fathers because society has a way of encouraging their irresponsibility.

These men go into marriage, but completely refuse to live like responsible and respectable husbands or fathers. Instead, they continue to live their lives like bachelors. These men leave their homes and make beer parlours their abode. They don’t know what is going on in their homes. Why should a married man be in a bar by on Sunday morning if he is not immature, irresponsible and silly?

Women married to die hard bachelors are trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea. They are suffering emotional, psychological and physical stress because their husbands have refused to live up to their responsibilities and become respectable family men. These men are basically married bachelors.

They spend hours partying or clubbing. They always have an excuse to go out. They don’t like staying indoors with their wives and children. If they are not out having drinks with friends and colleagues late at night, they are clubbing with other die hard married bachelors who abandon their wives at home every night.

Nigerian women married to die hard bachelors

Read these stories:

“I married my husband seven years ago but he doesn’t behave like a married man. He always wants to come home and leave as he pleases. he doesn’t see anything wrong with staying out all night. His life revolves around fun and his friends, some flings here and there to the detriment of his family. He clubs like teenagers and comes back home in the morning without any concrete explanation.

I can’t call myself a married woman because I almost never see my husband. We don’t talk, we don’t bond, we don’t make plans together. he is always going out and I am beginning to regret marrying him. I recently found out that he belongs to some WhatsApp groups where men like him discuss about women, their breasts and sexual conquests. Anytime I complain about his lifestyle, he threatens to leave home and marry another wife.” Mrs. O 


“I am a businesswoman and I am unfortunately married to a man who doesn’t see anything wrong in living his life like a bachelor even though he’s married with two children. My husband owns a shop in a highbrow area in Lagos but he is never in his shop. He leaves the house at will without telling me where he is going. He disappears and appears in the house at will. we have argued, fought, held meetings with family members but he hasn’t changed.

He spends large sums of money without informing me. He buys things for himself without minding that there are bills to be paid at home. Whenever I ask where he’s coming from or what he spends money on, he gets angry and threatens to beat me up. He is so reckless that he can blow up all his profit in a weekend without a care in the world how his family will make through the month.” Mrs. E

“My husband is always spending time with the boys. he doesn’t know when I am happy, sad, sick or well. He doesn’t know how I care for myself and our child. We have been married for three years and I am aging faster than my mates. Whenever I ask him something, he becomes defensive. I am beginning to resent him. The fact that he is rich makes my situation more pitiable.

People don’t believe when I tell them that my husband doesn’t buy me things nor give me enough money for our family needs because of the way he spends money at parties and in clubs. Money inflates his ego and makes him more irresponsible. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He doesn’t have time for me and our child. He leaves the house early in the morning and returns late at night, drunk and without explanations.” Mrs. B

“In my own case, my husband has refused to grow up. He believes that marriage shouldn’t stop him from living his bachelor life. Right now, he doesn’t have a viable job or business. he lives off his friends and generous family members. He just doesn’t like to work, but he loves to live a good life, visit bars and go clubbing. he chases women and swindles them out of their hard earned monies.

Recently, I found out that he was dating a married woman in our area. when I confronted him, he threatened to send me parking and marry her. We don’t have children but he has refused to accompany me to the hospital for fertility tests. he claims that I am the barren one and that his girlfriends get pregnant for him. I am tired. I am leaving him soon. I cannot continue to live with a man who endangers my life that way because he thinks he can be married and still live like a bachelor.” Mrs. P


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