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Don’t marry a man who is threatened by your success


Ladies, don’t marry a man who is threatened by your success. Light and darkness has no business in common. You didn’t come to this world to be behind anyone. You were created for impact, success and prosperity.

Riches, wealth, honour, achievements and accomplishments are not gender selective. This society should stop telling successful women to marry down. If guys don’t want to sit up financially, they should stop expecting ladies to worship them.

If you are dating a guy who is threatened by your brilliance and success, leave him behind and move forward with your life before you marry your enemy.

I will continue to tell young ladies not to date or marry any man who is threatened by their confidence, social status and success. Such relationships are filled with strife. Success is for both men and women.

Don’t marry a man who is threatened by your success

These men feel threatened by the success of their women so much that they read meanings into their every move. They whine and complain all the time about being disrespected.

If you talk, you are talking to them anyhow because you have money. If you don’t talk, you are ignoring them because you feel you are so successful that you no longer have manners.

If you do something for yourself, you are showing off your wealth. If you buy something for them, you are trying to tell the whole world that you are now the man in the relationship.

If you buy a car, you must massage his ego and claim he bought it so that people won’t start thinking you are the one controlling him in the relationship. Total bull crap.


You shouldn’t end up with your enemy because you want to be in a relationship. Any man who doesn’t want you to be rich, successful and exceptional is your enemy.

Nigerians should stop making excuses for the inferiority complex and insecurities these men carry around by telling successful ladies to walk on egg shells around them.

Dear young lady, be with someone who matches your drive and ambition so that your life purpose and dreams won’t be frustrated by one insecure and entitled boy who thinks himself a man.

Ladies, leave insecure, immature and irresponsible boys alone biko. You are too loaded to be turned into a nobody. Live free. Success is not gender selective, go out and be successful.



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