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Any man calling a woman a gold digger doesn’t have money says Toke Makinwa


In her new VLog, OAP/Author Toke Makinwa is of the opinion that any man who calls a woman a gold digger does not have money. She also stressed the need for men to leave ambitious girls alone and date women who are less ambitious if that is what they truly want.

In my own opinion, I don’t understand why some men leave patriarchy princesses who are ready to worship the ground they walk on in marriages and go for ambitious, high flying career women and try to stifle them.

That’s wickedness. Go for the kind of woman you want and stop destroying women’s lives with dysfunctional and abusive marriages.

any man calling a woman gold digger doesn’t have money

The term gold digger is thrown around like car keys flung by many guys. But let’s define what it means to be a gold digger. A gold digger is a woman who associates with or marries man chiefly for material gain.

Well, why do men marry women? Some marry just to have children, others marry to get a permanent cooks, cleaners and wash women. are these men not gold diggers too?

Men use this term on women whenever they feel like it without a thorough investigation into these women’s character. It is funny that most of the men who call women gold diggers are average, struggling dudes who have little or nothing to show for their existence. They just want to flex muscles and demean women by calling them gold diggers. Msheew.

On the flip side of this gold digging coin, there are lots of young men who live off rich and successful ladies these days, and they are not being slammed with the gold digger tag.

In fact, some people think it’s normal for a guy to live off his babe. So, how do these same people think they have the right to call ladies gold diggers for demanding things from them?


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