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Single ladies should be wary of marriage destiny killers


Single ladies get in here. When it comes to marriage, you have to be very careful about the kind of man you settle down with.

While you desire to get married, you shouldn’t put up with disrespect. Single ladies shouldn’t overlook red flags because they want to get married.

According to Ms. Tolulope Harry:

“Destiny killers are everywhere. Types of folks to avoid getting married to.

1. If they think you should be only seen and not be heard, R. U. N.

2 If they watch you struggling alone without trying to lend a helping hand in any way, vamoose.

3. If they think you don’t have a right to your own money, R. U. N.

4. If they think it’s their exclusive right to cheat on you, pick race.

Single ladies shouldn’t ignore red flags

5. If they think you should be flogged to be corrected or they throw objects at you when provoked or your face is ‘rebranded’ at the slightest provocation, R. U. N.

6. If they have no regard for your folks or anyone at all. To them, everyone is beneath them. You might want to have a re-think.

7. If they try to isolate you from all your family members and friends, please run. They don’t want you to speak out when the abuse begins

8. Any (wo)man who doesn’t have anyone who can speak to them when things turn really awry. This should be someone they hold in high esteem who can call them to order.

9. If they force you to choose between them and your career. Insecure fella. Borrow Usain Bolt’s shoes.”

This is the whole truth but the annoying part is that some single ladies refuse to pay attention to these obvious red flags.

Some single ladies excuse the violent and abusive behaviour of their men by claiming these men love them.

Some single ladies know in their hearts that it is suicide mission to marry men who disrespect them yet they go ahead because of societal pressure and the desperation to get married.

Even as we speak, some single ladies are seriously going ahead with marriage plans with men who don’t have respect or regards for their family. I wonder the kind of life they will have with such men.

Single ladies, be wise. There’s more to life than being in relationships, getting married and selling Aso ebi to family and friends.

After the ceremonies come the real business of marriage. Will your marriage to that abusive, disrespectful, controlling and heartless man make you a better person?

Dear single ladies, think about these things. Being single is not a crime but ending up in a wrong marriage is not good for you.



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