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How a widow handled her wicked in-laws


A widow handled her wicked in-laws after her husband died of kidney disease the best way she deemed fit.

This woman who was drained of strength and money due to her husband’s illness wasn’t ready for any in law drama when her husband succumbed to his illness.

Someone shared this post on facebook and it made me happy that this helpless widow had a friend looking out for her.

“Why is it that women are always accused of killing their husbands, whenever their husbands dies, but men are always pitied when their wives dies?

You will see a woman that was seen, carrying her husband from one hospital to another, praying and begging for him to be Cured. She will nurse him till death, you will still see her in-laws, arrive to blame her for the death.

When a man, loses his wife, even his wife’s best friend will pack her bag to the man, to console him, so that he will not cry too much.

Most of these accusing fingers on innocent widows, comes from their fellow women.

There is this friend of mine, we knew each other from Aba, I later found out that they ran to Portharcourt, when Osisi ka nkwu was kidnapping people anyhow at Aba. We met here again, and became friends like before.


For a year plus, she has sold almost all she had with her lovely husband, for kidney dialysis. There is no hospital she did not carry her husband to, but the good man still died last week.

As soon as she called me that the guy have given up the ghost, due to how her horrible in-laws, who scantily didn’t help in sustaining their brother in any way, how irresponsible they are.

How a widow handled her wicked in-laws

I knew they will come for her, from what she told me, that her husband’s senior sister said on phone…. “o kwa I nwetago onwe gi”? ….Shey you have gotten yourself? when my friend called her to announce the death of her husband.

I called some touts I know, and gave them the widow’s address. As if I knew. I am on admission, so can’t do more than to release the boys.

My friend said that they came very early to her house, all the way from Umuahia. Who knew when they took off? They arrived with a heavy bang, bang on the gate.

One of the tout, with built up body, halfly covered with singlet, opened the gate for them. As they saw him, they filed in like nuns.

They asked after her, and was shown to the living room, where she sat with three body built touts, sitting with her and her innocent children.

They just sat and started rendering their condolences, and how did he die? Unnecessary questions they knew the answers already.

The husband’s senior sister could not control it, she inquired after these men around them, my friend told her that they are here for security reasons, and for anybody that will take advantage of her husband’s death to mess up.

Husband’s sis: So you mounted these people here for us?

My friend: Yes. Are you here to mess up?

Husband’s sis: I don’t blame you. You will hear from us again, and these people won’t save you. This is an evidence that you knew what you were doing.

My friend: and whenever you come here to be stupid, I will arrest you and lock you up.

Husband’s sis: ehhh?

My friend: Yes. I came to all of you for aid, let me buy some pints if blood, and money for dialysis. You especially, kept on telling me that your business is going down. That I should try and survive. Tell me exactly why you are here, fuming, are you an idiot?

She said that, they got up and left.

I have told her, whenever she senses that they are the ones at her gate, let her call the number I gave her to contact the boys with. As a widow, you don’t give chances to hopeless in-laws, if you know you have one.

No spouse knows who will die first, but we should stop dealing with only women over their dead husbands. She is the one at loss, she will carry the widow tag, she will suffer with her kids at last, why add more weight to her grief?

Women and men should be careful. Learn to define your marriage, before your in-laws. It’s worse if you are married to a man that willed all he has to his siblings, leaving you and your innocent kids with nothing.

Women, stop being lenient when you are widowed. As a widow, stand up and fight for your children, and your properties. I have contacts that can straighten the crooked.

And women, stop being idiotic to your fellow women when they are down, so that lightening will not wipe your ass for you.


Dear Nigerians, when you encounter a widow, soothe her pain and don’t add to her grief. This wickedness against widows should stop. It’s appalling.

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