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Immature men put women through eligibility test before marriage


Only immature men put women through eligibility test before marriage. Men who take women to their families to test whether she will be a good wife are just annoying immature babies.

This society is sick. This is why people keep defending abusive behaviour and calling it marriage eligibility tests. A woman goes to visit her would be in laws and she is treated like a slave all in the name of marriage testing.

She is monitored by family members who judge her by her cooking, cleaning and submissive skills. She’s offered little or no comfort and is expected to endure all manner of ill treatment because she’s auditioning for the role of a good wife.

She is served food without meat even if she joined in the preparation of the food. But she must not complain, why? She’s being tested. She must pass the eligibility test otherwise the family of her man won’t sanction the marriage.

The earlier women start respecting themselves and refuse to be treated like second class citizens by their would be matrimonial families, the better for them. I mean why allow some badly behaved humans ridicule you because you want to marry their son?

Immature men put women through eligibility test

It’s annoying that prospective sons in law are not treated the same way women are treated and we don’t see anything wrong with that. These guys are not subjected to this annoying eligibility test before marriage like ladies are.

They are not judged for not waking up by 4am to sweep the whole compound of their in laws, wash their clothes plus that of their ancestors, go to the market and cook for the whole family and still not eat just to show they are husband materials.

It is ridiculous that a man would decide to marry a woman and instead of taking her to go meet his family, he would subject her to one silly eligibility test.


I don’t understand it. How can your parents and family members  do an eligibility test for the woman you want to live with for the rest of your life and you don’t see anything wrong with that?

They didn’t do it when you were having sex with her and exchanging bodily fluid. You didn’t even consult them. When it comes to marriage, you will now get them involved, to do what exactly, to test her cooking and cleaning skills?

Apart from the fact that it portrays you as an immature man, incapable of being a good partner to any woman, it shows you have a close link with abuse.

Why do we abuse people and call it character test? So the way to know a good woman is by subjecting her to inhumane treatment? Has it ever occurred to you that the concept of good character, is sometimes relative.

The woman you and your family may call bad because she refused to be tested by your abusive and degrading standards is another man’s greatest desire.

If you are not mature enough to state to your family that you have found the woman you want to marry without putting her through an abusive eligibility test, you are an immature baby. You need to grow some balls.

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