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Lepacious Bose says guys in shrines are better than church guys in relationships


Nigerian Comedienne Lepacious Bose has expressed concern about the dangers of online dating. According to her, it is easy end up with a ritualist because you don’t really know who you are dating.

Even though Lepacious Bose acknowledged that there has been happy endings from some online dating stories, she quickly noted that it is still a risky venture.

According to Lepacious Bose, relationships these days are so complicated that even men women meet in churches with the belief that they would be good men aren’t as trustworthy as they used to be in the past. She added that men met in the shrine might even be safer than men met in church because with a man met in the shrine, you know what you are signing up for with your eyes open.

Lepacious Bose

Lepacious Bose wrote this on Instagram:

“These days you don’t even know if you are dating a human being or a ghost; na so so dm and pinging toasting. You go don marry ritualist before you know. I applaud those who take the risk and end up with great spouses but the stories I have heard about online hook ups are so scary. Generally we live in a crazy world now, you can actually live with a serial killer for years and not know, na make God dey protect person.

I remember those days ladies would believe the guys they meet in church would be the good ones, hiaaan these days the ones you meet in shrine are better and even safer. At least with them you know what you signed up for…. like I always say TO THE WAYO MAN, GOD IS A WAYO GOD. Lord have mercy…. the things I have heard hmmmm….. it is well.”

Even though I agree with her that online dating is risky, bad men are everywhere irrespective of where you meet them. These days, women should be careful about the men they meet and date to avoid stories that touch.


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