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Dear woman, sexual satisfaction is your right


Dear Nigerian women, sexual satisfaction is your right. Don’t allow this society rob you of the pleasure of receiving sexual satisfaction.

Don’t allow any man dull your shine by telling you that you don’t need sexual satisfaction because you are a woman. That person is fooling you.

Don’t allow any man continue to enjoy sexual satisfaction at your expense. Know your body. Know the things that turn you on. Communicate this to your partner.

Let your partner know where to touch, kiss and suck that will give you sexual satisfaction. Orgasms are good for you. They make you glow from the inside out.

Sexual satisfaction is your right

You were not created to satisfy men’s sexual needs only, you were created to enjoy sex, have good sex and cum. You were not created to just lie down like a log of wood while your partner gets all the pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Your sexual satisfaction should be one of your top priorities because as a woman, you are a sexual being. Live to have and enjoy sex. Sex is beautiful. Great sex is mind blowing.

When I read the comments of women bashing Tonto Dikeh for daring to say her ex husband Olakunle Churchill was a 40 seconds man, I laugh.

When I hear men and women defend bad and crappy sex with having children ,I laugh. That’s consolation for one minute men and women whose husbands give crappy sex.


Women,  find what works for you and DEMAND it from your sexual partner. And if he feels some type of way about it, pursue him from your room. If you’re in his room, stand up, wear your pant and clothes and bounce.

Sexual satisfaction is your right and not a privilege. It is even in the constitution. You don’t have to doubt me on this, the results of enjoying constant orgasms will show you.

Women, enjoy sex. There’s no sex in heaven where you are headed. Stop being ashamed of your body, vagina and sexual urges. Love yourself.

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