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5 reasons women lose interest in men they care about


Women lose interest in men they care about from time to time. It’s erroneous to think that only men can lose interest in their women.

From negative behaviour to verbal and physical abuse, these things can cause women to lose interest in men no matter how much they care about them.

There have been many situations where a romance is budding between a man and a woman, but can still change regardless of how much the woman cares. It’s because she has lost interest in the guy that once made her heart beat faster.

Here are 5 possible reasons women may lose interest in men they once loved and cared for:

He won’t let the past go
Some women don’t want to be subjected to any man’s bad attitude towards relationships because of their failed past relationships. For these women, once a man keeps dragging his past around, it will not only prove to her that he hasn’t moved on, but that he’s not confident about having a future with her.

He always sees the glass as half empty

If a man whines all the time about what’s going wrong in his life, his woman may be forced to lose interest in him. It’s always one complaint after another and soon her mood gets dragged down, especially if she’s been trying to help but he keeps focusing on the bad things. A woman has no choice but to move on.

Why women lose interest in men

He makes her feel unimportant 
A lot of men try hard to get the woman they want, but once they get her, they stop making efforts to keep these women by their sides. One of the ways to make a woman lose interest in a man is to constantly treat her like she doesn’t matter; make her feel unloved and unimportant. No sane woman will be happy about that.


He gets scared too easily
If a man doesn’t know how to hang in there, it puts women off. If during an argument or any type of intimidating situation, his first reaction is to retreat instead of putting in team effort to try to solve the issue, he might force his woman to lose interest in him.

He tries too hard to make things happen 
Instead of letting things naturally fall into place, he forces them to happen. A man who tries to control the outcome of situations instead of giving things a chance to see where they are headed will only make his woman lose interest in him. Him forcing things takes the fun out of the relationship  and puts unnecessary pressure on the woman.

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