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Busola Dakolo is not only fighting Pastor Fatoyinbo, she’s fighting Christianity


Adesuwa Ujiadughele said that Busola Dakolo is not only fighting Pastor Fatoyinbo but she’s also fighting Christianity in Nigeria.

According to Adesuwa Ujiadughele, the Dakolos should thank their stars that it’s police officers that were sent after them because when the heavens release angels against them, they won’t recover.

Adesuwa Ujiadughele wrote:


Wahala carry pomade, headtie, powder and cross leg with chewing stick in his mouth. You went there to be pressing his nose to suffocation and you expect it not to fight back. This person must be a joker!8

An event of 17yrs ago and revelations of dirty past is not a thank you to any pastor at all.

Even the pastor that manages congregation of 20s won’t tolerate this not to talk of such a huge congregation…. Odieku!!!! He will keep quiet you hear.

A man that you claimed started from youth club then amalgamated to COZA, it’s not a small effort dearest.


You now pass your bounds, carry cards hooding his members and embarrassing his ministry, you still don’t expect to get a police redress….I hear you!!!!

The truth is, we Christians take piss. As in we outstep our bounds and we call it demanding for our right!

You must protect the sanctity of the office not the person.

Who has not be molested before? What if fatoyibo is not a popular man? What if he is one wretched man? Would she mention it?

Is there no Christian bodies anymore to report the case to? Just for the sake of the office. DAKOLO and his wife must have been boasting to the pastor that they will bring him down!!!! SIMPLE!

Adesuwa Ujiadughele

How has the outcry brought glory to God?

What addition has that show down of shame which some people are tagging it “good for him” won soul to the kingdom.

Have you estimated how many cultists the so called ex-cultist pastor has been able to convert to the kingdom vise a-vise the number of ex-cultist that are dealing with weak faith or do not take Christianity serious anymore….

How many souls have you that is carrying nose brought to church? Asking you how many you have brought to christ is a far cry, so let me not go there….abeg leave matter for mathias.

See when we run after personal agenda and forsake God major agenda, defeat is inevitable.

The Bible say “I will build my house and the gate of hell shall not prevail.

Some people allow the gate of hell to prevail over their situation and they tag it ” fundamental human right” RUBBISH!

I am sorry, that confession is seeking attention, satanic and antichrist in nature! SIMPLE.

She is not only fighting pastor fatoyinbo but she was fighting Christianity and what priesthood stands for! QED

Have you considered that “suddenly, she has gotten platform where she speaks on stuff now” meanwhile God’s platform is undergoing serious shaking.

The DAKOLO should be happy self that it’s the jnr police force that are harrowing them! By the time God deploys His own angelic force, all the mouth he uses in singing Nigeria we hail you or what is it would carry shape. Very irritating thing.


There is a place where you give up right especially when God is involve. I am not saying she shouldn’t talk but there are ways Christians manage their crisis.

The elders are there, the Christian bodies are there, his mentors are there but for RECOGNITION. Social media was now the platform to settle case.

I am not interested if anyone tells me, in abroad, they do this they do that…because it is same in abroad Nigeria women has join the club of chasing their husband out of his house, make him pay the mortgage with his life earnings and then have audacity to bed another man in that same house.



I am just passing o and I don’t really want to talk but please spare me, the whole story is nauseating.

It’s not important If anybody is not happy with my post. This is God’s Kingdom and His biz. We can’t allow personal effects rubbish the holistic position God deserve in the society.”

This woman is just irredeemable. She should be kept away from children and victims of sexual assault. She’s not well.

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  2. Ebube says

    stupidity at its finest

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