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Is Busola Dakolo the first woman to be raped, she should let us hear word


A facebook user known as Adesuwa Ujiadughele has taken to her facebook wall to question Busola Dakolo and her motive for naming and shaming pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

She said that the incident happened 17 years ago and Busola should deal with it and move on instead disgracing the church.

Adesuwa Ujiadughele wrote:

The damages to Christianity outways the rape issue and for crying out loud, what if the man is not popular?

This is an incident of 17yrs ago.

Chris okotie went through his own saga in the hands of confessionist.

They have left him now because he is old.

Let the owner of evil load bend down and carry it.


The damages to the church of God is rather embarrassing and we should not join the DEVIL DEVOUR OUR FAITH.

A lot of souls are weak in faith now.

Let them face their music and watch how God would fight and preside over His case.

Is she the firstly to be raped?

She should let us hear word abeg and allow the church of God be in peace.


Adesuwa Ujiadughele

This is the most appalling thing I have read recently regarding this matter. It is sad that this is coming from a woman.

But I am happy that Nigerians are putting this senseless specie in her place on her timeline. She’s such a silly and brainless human.

Here are some of the reactions on her post:

Dorothy Njemanze said:

Adesuwa Ujiadughele you can anoint his penis, take a picture of it and put up to show your solidarity with the stray penis.
Almost seven years ago, the owner of the stray penis promised a robust response to activities of the stray penis. Before and after then, how many more reports have come up? I wonder what exactly that penis was doing for the CHURCH! Now it is time for r the penis to account for its philandering, you call the penis your church.
Biodun Fatoyinbo’s penis is NOT The CHURCH!

The originator of this post is definitely a rapist to be asking if someone is the first to be raped. This is beyond being a rape apologist. She is a rapist!

Wole Osibodu said:

Sooooooooooooo…… The act of rape in itself and the repeat of it does not damage the Christian faith? The man using his position to prey and attack people does not damage the Christian faith? God will have to forgive you for this criminal opinion you carry against your fellow woman. It is well with you.

Anthonia Ojenagbon said:

I am ashamed to say you were my church member. This post is sickening. Adesuwa you dare to ask if she is the first to be raped. Really? I think you are mad without any apology. You are a rape enabler what a shame,you are a disappointment to Christianity. It’s ok to keep quiet if you have nothing to say. You are a rape apologist and our children are not safe with you
People need to keep their children away from you.

Catherine Olayinka Adunni OmoOla said:

Your brain is leaking ma, may you find justice and not see when you need it the most, may you be intimidated into silence when you really need to speak out. May you find help and never get it when it’s mostly important. Let the congregation say amen.
Oriyin ti daaru ma.

Onyi Victory said:

Do actually realize that rape is a crime?
What is wrong with you?
Christianity is not under attack when gods of men are busy raping and molesting women
Christianity is not under attack when your papas are laundering money and committing all sorts of atrocities.

But a woman comes up to open up about how she was raped, all of a sudden Christianity is under attack.

Is she the first to be raped? Really? Are you even okay?

Agbaosi Sevezen Gloria said:

You are stupid!
Very very stupid

Your faith?
You this faithless vermin

It is your type that gives out your daughters and maids to your husbands in order to keep your marriage

You idiot!

Yeyeoba Dolapo Adeyekun wrote:

Adesuwa Ujiadughele, bring down this post. It is a painful post to read.
I still cannot get my head around the fact that you wrote this…
May you never know the pain of rape. Please take this post down. I beg you with all that you hold dear.

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  2. Ebube says

    “your brain is leaking ma”😂

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