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Widowhood doesn’t have to extinguish your potentials


Widowhood isn’t meant to extinguish your gifts and shouldn’t bury your talents. Your husband died, your potentials shouldn’t die.

Are you hiding behind the excuse of widowhood to stay down and not advance? Could it be you’re concerned about what people will say when you spring up?

They will say worse things if you stay down and refuse to rise and use your God-given talents to help yourself and humanity.

Rise, run, recover and rejoice!!! I love you and just want to let you know that you can be more!

Widowhood isn’t meant to send you into hiding. Stop hiding from your in-laws, from late husband’s friends, from your own friends, from anybody at all.

Gozie Udemezue talks about widowhood

Widowhood isn’t meant to make you hide out of shame and drop in your social status. Don’t hide, don’t lose your self-esteem, don’t treat yourself less than you are.

Well, the opinions of people might have changed and the way they treat you changed but what’s your opinion of yourself and how do you treat yourself?

Hiding won’t make them change how they now see you or their opinion of you. Fear of what anyone could do to you and say about you might have sent you into hiding.


Listen, they are all toothless bulldogs. Come out of hiding and roar, you’re a lion, roar!

Written by Gozie Udemezue

Dear widows, stop hiding the gifts and potentials you are blessed with because you want this hypocritical society to call you good women.

Stop trying to please people and displease yourself. Do what makes you feel alive. Dust yourself. Go out and work with the talents you have to make money.

Rise up and face the world headlong. Use what you have within to create a beautiful future for you and your children. You should do this for yourself.

Let your light so shine brightly that those who spoke badly about you will be silenced by your radiance. Refuse to hide. Refuse to die slowly. Refuse to be useless to yourself.


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