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Obey your husband, he’s always right


It is sad that some Nigerian women are quick to tell other women to obey their husbands even when these men are abusive and controlling.

Read this:

She got married two years ago.

She has a son.

She and her husband live abroad.

She hasn’t seen her family in years.

They communicate through video calls.

She sends them her family pictures.


First, husband said she should stop posting family pictures on Facebook.

Wife agreed and started posting on WhatsApp.


Husband got angry again.

He warned her to stop posting their family pictures on WhatsApp.

Wife agreed again.

They went out recently and took pictures.

Wife sent her sister some of the pictures.

Sister uploaded the pictures on her WhatsApp status.

Husband became livid.

He threatened wife with divorce stating that he can divorce her so that she can marry her sister.

He said wife shouldn’t send any picture of him to her sister or any of her family members.

Wife agreed not to send any of his pictures to her family.

For three days, husband has been sulking.

He doesn’t talk to wife nor eat her food.

Wife is worried and is asking for advice.

Some Nigerian women rush to advice the poster and they go:

*Obey your husband.

*Obey your husband and have peace.

*Don’t divorce your husband, he’s your head.

*He is doing it for your own good.

*Evil abound everywhere, you better listen to your husband.

*Maybe your sister is after your husband and he doesn’t want to tell you to save you the heartache.

*Your husband is always right. Listen to him and do the needful.

*He’s a private person. You should use wisdom in this matter so that you don’t destroy your home.

*Must you send your family pictures to your family?

*The Bible said you must be submissive to your husband. Be wise.

*A wise woman builds her home with her hands. Use wisdom and win back your husband’s trust.

*You should stop sending your pictures to your family.

*Why is it so hard to stop sending your family pictures to your sister?

*You are not ready for marriage. Marriage is for mature women.

Me: What da flipping f∆ck!

It’s too early for this.

What happened to talking to his wife like a sane human being about his concerns instead of threatening her with divorce and keeping malice?

By Kate Halim


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