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A man who is incapable of being honest with himself cannot be honest with you


Ladies, a man who is not honest with himself cannot be honest with you. A man who is incapable of admitting his shortcomings to himself will never be honest with you.

Don’t get it twisted. A man who always blames outsiders for his actions without owning his own faults is not someone you should commit to. Don’t break your heart.

If he does something wrong and you confront him and instead of admitting his mistakes, he turns around to blame you for making him do stupid things, walk away from him and that emotionally abusive relationship.

Any sane human being who wants to be better takes responsibility for their actions. They tell themselves the truth first and then admit their wrongs to their partner and together, they seek ways to change things.

But any man who has refused to admit to himself first that he has weaknesses but uses his irresponsible behavior to guilt trip you into feeling sorry for him without making efforts to change will get worse when you eventually marry him.

Don’t marry a man who lies to himself. He won’t have any problem looking you in the eye and lying. He won’t make a good husband.

He will always blame you for his mistakes. He will blame you for his insecurities. He will blame you for his irresponsible behavior. He will blame you for his failures too. Ladies, shine your eyes.

A man who is incapable of being honest with himself cannot be honest with you

Don’t allow his declarations of love and marriage promise blind you to the fact that he has issues and is not ready to deal with his issues.


Another thing, a man who disrespects his parents, treats his siblings horribly, looks down on his sisters, talks crap about women generally and treats women with disdain is not someone you should marry.

Forget all his declarations of love, he doesn’t know what love means. If he treats people who are beneath him like doormats, how then can he love only you in this world? Open your eyes.

A man who disrespects his parents won’t be accountable to anyone when you start having issues in your marriage. It means he doesn’t have regards for the people who brought him into this world and nurtured him. It means he won’t respect you too.

Do yourself a favour and keep your distance from the kind of men I described here. Don’t say I am telling you not to get married because every one has flaws and weaknesses and no one is perfect.

It is true that nobody is perfect but a person must acknowledge that they have issues before they can work on them to be better but how do you help someone become a better person if they are not willing to tell themselves the truth about who they are in the first place?

Think about these things and make wise decisions this year. Let go of relationships that drain you. Let go of men who refuse to admit to themselves that they have issues they have to work on.

Don’t be a rehabilitation center for a man who has refused to tell himself the truth. He will drain you and destroy your self esteem.


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