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If I were a Nigerian man, I will never be a faithful husband


If I were a Nigerian married man, I’ll never be a faithful husband. I mean what’s the point?

Nobody is going to hold me responsible for my actions.

My wife will spend her days praying and crying or ignoring my cheating ass and focusing on the children.

My wives friends will advice her to keep praying.

My friends will defend me after all men are polygamous in nature.

My church people will tell my wife to be more submissive.

Why married Nigerian are not faithful

When my wife gets tired of being inactive, she’s not going to do anything to hurt me.

She will not leave me, retaliate or make me pay for my actions.


She’s going to go and confront the women I’m dating. She will fight them and embarrass them in public.

And she will have the support of the whole world.

She will come on Facebook and continue the fight.

All single girls who dare say otherwise are side chicks and side rats and feminists (you know these ones always support bad things).

I will make a sport out of her fighting for me, pick girls to date, drop random clues and watch her go on a rampage fighting for me.

Maybe she gets beaten once or twice. Maybe she trends a few times. Maybe she uses diabolical means to get her enemies out of the way.

By the time I’m 70, I’ll have lived a very interesting life.

Tell me again, what’s the fun in being faithful?


Written by Chinenye Nweke

Sadly this is the truth. Marriage is seen as an achievement of some sort where you dare not challenge the man or hold him accountable for his irresponsible actions else you loose your hon our of being a married woman.

Nigeria is a place where a woman would gladly stay in a broken marriage and loose her self worth and sometimes her sanity instead of confronting her husband and demanding to be treated with respect.

These women would rather fight other women rather than confront their cheating husbands. Why then should Nigerian men make efforts to stick to their wives and be faithful to them?


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