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Women, stop asking strangers how to handle issues with your husbands


Dear Nigerian women, stop asking strangers online how to handle your husbands. These strangers are not the ones living with your men you don’t know how to communicate effectively with.

Communicate with your spouse when you feel bad about the things they do or say. Staying silent when you are hurt is not a good idea. Talk and talk more.

These strangers were not there when you both got married. They don’t know your history. They don’t know your temperaments. They don’t know how much you have allowed your husbands disrespect you.

They are your husbands. If you can’t talk to your husbands about things hurting you, why do you think it’s okay to ask strangers or outsiders how to handle men you sleep and wake up with?

It’s annoying to keep reading sob stories from women who can’t even express their displeasure at the actions of their husbands. Wake up! You have to stand up for yourself.

Women stop asking strangers online how to handle your husbands

Some women will send messages to Facebook groups asking how to handle men who have refused to eat because they were upset with them. What do you want these strangers to tell you?

One woman sent a message to the admin of a Facebook group one day asking for advice because her husband insulted her mom in her presence.

This woman didn’t say anything to get husband, she didn’t reprimand him, she didn’t insult his mother back, she did nothing while a man insulted the woman who have birth to her but she had the time to come online to ask strangers what to do.


I don’t understand these women. If you cannot stand up for your mother, what can strangers do for you? Even if they give you advice, if you don’t act on the advice, nothing will change.

I don’t know why some women beg some husbands who behave like grown babies to eat. They should start ignoring the unhealthy tantrums of these men.

Real men talk about issues and trash things out with their wives. They don’t reject food and expect to be begged to eat. Some men even do this even they offend their wives. They refuse to apologize to their wives and also reject food. That’s not fair.

Women, learn to handle issues with your husbands. Stop disturbing strangers online with ‘what do I do?’ posts. Be bold.



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