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10 things Nigerian parents should teach their children


Nigerian parents should teach their children how to navigate this highly competitive world without losing themselves.

It is sad to read about teenagers forming Marlian cult in secondary schools because they want to be a part of the rave of the moment.

I read about how teenagers go out of their way to commit crimes just to fit in and be accepted by their peers. What foundation did the parents of these children lay for them?

Parenting isn’t only giving birth to children and feeding and clothing these children. It is way deeper than that. What are you teaching your children about society and life?

What values are you teaching them? What life lessons are you teaching them by modeling good behaviour to them? Parents, what are you doing to raise good children?

Do you tell your children you love them? When they do something good, do you tell them you are proud of them?

10 things Nigerian parents should teach their children

As a parent, do you celebrate your children’s achievements? Do you praise their strengths or you are only focused on their weaknesses?

Here are 10 things Nigerian parents should teach their children.


1. Teach them not to bother trying to fit in.. Teach them not to bother about being liked by everyone.

2. Teach them important life values and model good behavior for them too. You don’t lie in their presence and expect them to tell the truth.

3. Teach them that it’s okay if they fail, they can try again later. Let them know that failure is not the end of their lives. Let them know that life of full of challenges and tough moments.

4. Teach them the value of hard work and let them know that nothing good comes easy. There’s no free money anywhere and taking the easy way out leads to heartbreak in the end.

5. Teach your children to be content with what they have. Let them know that envy will make them do bad things.

6. Teach them it’s okay to be rejected and that they will have to deal with rejection a lot in life. This shouldn’t stop them from going after their dreams.

7. Teach them how to stand up for themselves. Let them know that being bold and courageous will take them far in life.

8. Teach them how to say yes and how to say no and stick to their words. This will save them from peer pressure troubles.

9. Teach your children to be themselves and bask in their uniqueness. Let them know that they have what it takes to be successful in life.

10. Teach them how to love themselves and their bodies. Don’t allow anyone put down your children because of their looks. Teach them body confidence.

Prepare your children for the world. They need to know that it’s tough world out there.

Going to school is good but they won’t learn everything in school.

Do your part. Raise well rounded children. Set good examples for them.

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