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10 men reveal why women shouldn’t work for their own money


To some Nigerian men, a woman doesn’t need to work for her own money. These men believe that making money is reserved exclusively for men.

Some men believe that a woman who is financially stable won’t make a submissive wife, whatever that nonsense means.

Others believe that a woman’s education is just to fulfill all righteousness and she doesn’t have to work with her certificate.

There was a story at one time on Facebook where a young lady cried out that her husband burnt her certificates because he didn’t want her to work and she was sneaking behind him to go look for a job so as to earn her own money.

A typical Nigerian man will tell you that money is the beauty of a man and good character is the beauty of a woman. This is one saying these men used to render our mothers financially useless and completely dependent on our fathers and they paid dearly for it.

These days, I am happy that a lot of women are hustling to make their own money but their efforts don’t sit well with some men who believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and a man’s place is out there, making money.

A woman working for her money

A young lady said she didn’t waste 16 years in school to be told by one man who calls himself husband that she cannot work to make her own money and this is what some men replied her:

Nigerian lady: I didn’t spend 16 years in school, read at midnight to pass my exams and go through stress just to be told by one man that I won’t work or earn my own money.


Nigerian man 1: This feminist talk won’t make you last long in any man’s house. You better humble yourself.

Nigerian man 2: If your husband can take care of all your financial needs, what is the problem?

Nigerian man 3: This is how these bitter feminists destroyed the family unit. No more submissive women who understand what it truly means to honour their husbands.

Nigerian man 4: Does going to school mean you have to work? It’s just to fulfill all righteousness.

Nigerian man 5: A woman’s place is beside her husband. She has to help him fulfill his calling.

Nigerian man 6: What does a woman need money for? Does she want to start rubbing shoulders with her husband?

Nigerian man 7: No wonder there are many single mothers today destroying our society with their stubbornness.

Nigerian man 8: Women were created for men. They don’t have to make money for themselves. That is what their husbands are there for.

Nigerian man 9: You will get old in your father’s house. No man wants to marry a fellow man who has pride and ego.

Nigerian man 10: You are not ready for marriage yet. When you hit menopause, you will change your talk. Pride is not good for a woman.

We will continue to hear this nonsense about men insisting their wives become financially useless because women are still listening to this society that doesn’t care about them.

Every woman should work to make money. A woman’s protection from abuse and maltreatment is plenty money of her own, millions and billions.

We didn’t come to this world to be useless to ourselves, our families and our children. We must make cool cash and take care of ourselves.

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