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10 practical steps I took to get out of debt as a business woman


A businesswoman has outlined some of the practical steps she took to get out of debt she was swimming in four years ago.

The CEO of Havilah Clothings shared this on her Facebook page and it made a lot of sense.

As a business person, it is easy to sink into debt if you keep doing so many things at the same time but if you structure your life and business well, you will come out debt free.

Havilah KiteTwb wrote this inspiring post:

“Important information, when you come out to give inspirational speeches, please back it up with substance people can use. Kapish!

Stop that lie of I started with 2 blocks in one year now I have a penthouse. That’s audio success story.

No need leaving people to be racking their brain praying and fasting with no action to back it up. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

For example, I said four years ago that I was in debts. Question: How did I get out of it?

10 steps I took to get out of debt

1. I cut off all my excess.

2. I moved into a cheaper house.

3. I downgraded from business class trips to economy class trips when traveling to buy my goods.

4. I reduced staff strength.

5. I sold a house I had bought years ago to raise money.

6. I sold some of the gold jewelry I had acquired over the years. I didn’t really need them anymore because costume jewelry has the same effect. It’s not that serious.

7. I sold one of my two cars.

8. I left designer labels and started mixing my clothes.

9. I closed other shops that were not doing well.

10. I cut on aso ebi and make up every weekend. I learnt to enjoy my house during weekends.

So Angels, don’t use pressure to kill your pastors or husbands or relationships or turn beggars President because you want to maintain a certain lifestyle.

You just have to re-strategise for a while.

Pata pata, na chicken you no go chop for a season. WE GO RISE AGAIN. I hope I blessed one person with this.”

This is how to get out of debt quickly. She raised good points. I hope we do right by ourselves.

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