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I don’t like money, true love is enough for me


A sociologist, Seyi Shae has revealed that she’s one of the few ladies in this society that don’t like money but cherishes true love with all her heart.

According to this lady:

“To be honest, I am one of the very few ladies out there who don’t like money. Money isn’t the way to my heart. True love is enough for me.

I don’t mind, I can drink garri and groundnut with you as long as you love me. True love is worth more a flashy lifestyle, gold or diamonds.

And quite frankly, cold garri and finely roasted groundnuts tastes absolutely amazing and I can’t imagine the joy of having to share a bowl of garri and fish with the love of my life.

In fact, I am craving it right now. I miss it so much.”


This lady is a hopeless romantic. I feel her. I am also not so keen about being in a relationship with a man because of money if he doesn’t love me and treat me right.

I don’t like money because true love means everything to me

I hate being taken for granted or lied to. I can’t stand men who think money is everything and can buy them a woman’s love, devotion and loyalty.

Love me but don’t lie to me or take me for a fool. If you do something wrong and I ask you, tell me the truth. Don’t try to justify why you hurt me and don’t lie to me because you think I can’t take it.

For me, love, respect, fidelity, friendship, loyalty and laughter matters to me more in relationships more than money.

Am I saying that women who love money are bad? No. Every woman is different and have different things that matter to them in relationships.

By the way, money is very important in relationships. It makes the romance sweeter and better. Ladies, you can have it all. You can have love and money in your relationships.



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