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The ‘Mrs’ title has done more harm than good to women says Joro Olumofin


Joro Olumofin is here again. He said that the title ‘Mrs’ has done more harm than good to women. I know some people will frown their faces and say it’s not true.

But let’s read his recent post to find out why he came to the conclusion that 90% of Nigerian women would rather be Mrs. and Depressed than Miss and happy.

Joro Olumofin wrote:

“The title ‘Mrs’ has done more harm than good to women. A lot of women are suffering and going through emotional pain just to hold on to that title Mrs.

It is psychological. The term ‘Mrs’ makes a lot of women feel accomplished. A man has always been Mr all his life. Even when he was a 13 year old boy, a man has been called Mr.

A lady who has been miss all her life goes through the following:

While she was Miss, her friends who became Mrs. cut her off.

Society neglects and mocks her because she’s a Miss.

Joro Olumofin said that the Mrs title has done more harm than good to women

When she finally becomes a Mrs, her ID, her instinctive impulses means that she will do anything to protect that Mrs title even if it means:

Accommodating infidelity, physical abuse and emotional abuse.

If the marriage doesn’t work, society sees it as her fault that she couldn’t keep a home.

The value of a single father is more than a single mother in the eyes of society.

Ladies, please change the narrative and enjoy your life. 90 percent of Nigerian women would rather be Mrs and depressed than Miss and happy.

Don’t let “Mrs” define your happiness.”

This is what some of us have been saying for years but some people accuse us of leading women astray.

They conveniently ignore the abuse and disrespect many women go through at the hands of men they are in relationships with and claim feminists are deceiving women to hate men and marriage.

The issue is that this society has conditioned women to think that they are nothing with marriages and this is not true.

A woman is a complete human being. She has her life to live. If she wants to get married, it’s okay. If she doesn’t want to get married, it’s okay too.

Nigerians should stop hounding women with marriage talks and stop disrespecting single women. It’s appalling how some women even treat single ladies. Stop it! It’s not fair.

This is why many women would rather die with the Mrs title other than run for dear life when their spouses are treating them horribly. We need to change this mindset. It’s not helping us.

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  2. Ebube says

    He’s right

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