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Some people think that if they don’t support you, you will fail


Some people think that if they don’t support you that you will fail. These people who are full of themselves and love to play God in other people’s lives irritate me.

How many times have you heard…

If you don’t agree to have sex with me, I won’t support your project,

If you don’t call my husband daddy, you won’t get that connection,

If you don’t start worshipping in my church, I won’t introduce you to that person that will give you a job,

If you don’t call me aunty, you will suffer till you die,

If you don’t do as I say, you won’t get that job,

If you don’t say yes to all my social media posts and celebrate me, I won’t help you.


Some human beings are just heartless and wicked.

Even if people don’t support you, don’t give up

It’s okay if you have met one or more of these kinds of people.

I have news for you though, you will make it in life without their help.

You will succeed without their assistance so that they won’t take glory for making you successful.

You will make it without them lifting a finger to help so that they won’t keep reminding you that you wouldn’t have made it without their help.

Women who love to humiliate other women because they asked them help should stop playing God.

You don’t own your life. You don’t know when you will take your last breath. You don’t treat other women like trash because you are better than them and they came to you for help.

No, don’t do that. If you are not in a position to help anybody at any particular time, let the person know. You can support the person emotionally.

You don’t have to look down on the person or humiliate them because you feel you are more successful than they are.

Remember that the only constant thing in life is change. Things can change at any minute for that person you are looking down on.

Seasons change for different people at different times. Stop playing God in people’s lives. You are not God.

Dear woman, some people think that if they don’t support you, it will hold you back. God will put strangers on your path to get you to where you are supposed to be.

Don’t give up. Hold on and keep hope alive. You will laugh soon. You will celebrate soon. You will become a success story. I’m rooting for you. Go and do great things.


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