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Some people are experts at making you lose faith in yourself


Some people are experts at making you lose faith in yourself. These people don’t have anything good to say about you. They are always quick to point out your flaws without celebrating your strengths.

They always see what’s wrong with you, how you are not tall enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough and not good enough to enjoy the kind of life you have. Such sad and awful creatures.

In life, if you don’t know who you are, people will tell you who you are not. They will feed on your insecurities just to reduce you to their level and make you a partner of their low self esteem.

This is why I don’t understand people who allow others who are not good looking tell them they are ugly and they believe them. Don’t allow people with glaring insecurities ruin your self esteem.

I remember at one time, one of my colleagues was fond of telling me to stop smiling so much at work because my teeth was brown. The first time he said it, I ignored him.

But I noticed that the more I ignored him, the bolder he became. He would tell me to close my brown teeth during meetings at work and in the presence of m other colleagues. It made me feel bad.

I don’t like my teeth. It’s not white. My mom tried her best to whiten them when I was growing up but it didn’t work, so I came to accept them. So, I won’t allow anyone make me feel bad about something I can’t change about my body.

Some people are experts in making you lose faith in yourself

The next time he told me to close my brown teeth, I told him to cover his almost 6 months pregnancy stomach as it was an eyesore that a man would look like a pregnant woman. I shook my head and made a sad face while focusing intently on his protruding stomach. That was the last time he made fun of my teeth.


If you are not careful, some people will use their insecurities to configure your mind to begin to lose faith in yourself. They will take up unnecessary space in your mind,and  their negative words will continue to echo in your head all the time. They tell you that you are not good enough and you start to believe them.

Woman, you are not perfect. Your body is not perfect. Don’t allow other people’s insecurity cloud your sense of reasoning. Refuse to feel inadequate about yourself.

Don’t forget how special you are. Don’t crave to be like others because of the negative words some insecure persons keep saying to you. Learn to shut such people down and fast too.

You will never hear the people who list your inadequacies commend you in areas you are doing well, they will just keep outlining your imperfections and what you are not doing right.

They successfully project their insecurities on you because it actually makes them feel better that you feel bad about yourself and start to doubt who you really are. Don’t give them that pleasure. Such them down!

Be careful how often you take people’s words to heart. If you lack confidence in yourself, insecure and narcissistic people will exploit and manipulate you. They will make you believe that you are not good enough.

Stop taking decisions about your life to please people. Start doing things they tell you is impossible. All the energy, power, courage, strength and confidence you need to achieve great things is within you. True happiness comes from within regardless of people’s approval or disapproval.

Spend time with yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Use your talents well. Work on your weaknesses. Work towards being a better person everyday. Engage in activities that make you believe in yourself once again.

If you want to live a good life, you must cut ties with people who make you feel less. Your brain believes what you tell it about yourself. Tell yourself good things. Don’t allow insecure people make you lose faith in yourself.


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  2. Ebube says

    Who is that colleague, i’ll find him and beat him

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