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I refused to check my husband’s phone, now I have HIV


A Nigerian wife who refused to check her husband’s phone for peace to reign in her marriage recently found out her husband is HIV positive.

This story was copied from a group on Facebook where the poster was asking for advice. Sighs.

“Mummy,  my husband has killed me. In my 10 years of marriage, I have never checked my husband’s phone so that peace can reign.

I’m a banker but stopped working to make my home work cause my husband is always complaining about me not being at home to care for him and the kids.

As that then, I have 2 kids. I stopped working 5 years after marriage and opened a business. He would not come home and if I ask, he would give me funny answers and I would let it slide until I decided to check his phone to know what’s going.

I discovered that my husband already has two kids with a family friend of ours who lived closed to us before and my darling husband has HIV and he is taking drugs and same with the other woman.

Mummy favour, I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital because the shock was too much. I got stroke and nearly died. In fact, I died and rose again.

I refused to check my husbands phone now I have HIV

I have a good business and I always dress nice for my husband just to make him feel better and keep my home.


You would never believe my husband would do a thing like that. He is so quiet and is even an elder in church. My life is finished, what I don’t know have killed me.

What if I didn’t check his phone, that is how I would have died of AIDS and leave my children behind. Men are wicked mummy favour.

I’m still recovering from the sickness but I will never forgive him he is begging me but my pain is what we both laboured for thinking its only for our children not knowing he has a family outside.

Please ma, if you want to post to the group, kindly do it with my identity hidden to avoid people who know me to know I have the sickness.”

Yawns. Yawns again. I’m sorry but I don’t pity women who choose to turn a blind eye to their husband’s serial cheating.

I don’t pity women who proudly say they don’t check their husband’s phones even when it is glaring that these men are cheating.

I don’t pity women who say they do this to avoid high blood pressure because of what they might find on their cheating husbands phones.

I don’t pity women who claim that what you don’t know won’t kill you when it comes to cheating in marriages. I laugh at their foolishness. These women love to deceive themselves.

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  2. Ebube says

    She said she died and rose again lol, eeya

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