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Ladies, stop committing to men who haven’t declared their intentions


Dear ladies, stop committing to men who haven’t made their intentions of dating you known to you.

Until that man expresses his desire to date you or have a relationship with you, don’t emotionally invest in him. You will lose in the end.

Let him remain a friend. Go out and meet other men. Let him know that he can’t be indecisive about being with you and expect you to be loyal to him. It won’t work.

Ladies, don’t allow your fantasies build false hope over a man who hasn’t declared his intention of dating you. Don’t break your own heart. Keep your options open. You are still a free woman.

Stop emotionally committing yourself to a man who hasn’t verbally expressed his intentions to emotionally commit to you and taken action to impress you. Be deliberate about your relationships. Don’t joke around.

Should a woman commit to a man who hasn’t asked her out? The answer is no. Should a woman emotionally invest in a man who is not consistent with making his intentions known? The answer is no.

Ladies stop committing to men who haven’t made their intentions known

Nigerian ladies should stop breaking their own hearts because they want to be in relationships to pepper their friends or to show them that they have arrived.

This is how many ladies end up in abusive, toxic and dysfunctional marriages to begin with. Some even move in with men who are toying with their feelings and start having children with them.


It is funny that these ladies think that marriage will change these men’s minds concerning them. It is sad that they even bring in innocent children into their toxic relationships. Why do you ladies do this?

A man didn’t declare his intention to date you, you start dating him on your own. When it looked like time was going, you moved in with him or he moved in with you and then you start having children just to keep him trapped. You are on your own when he decides to move on with his life.

You are hurting yourself. At the end of the day, you will bear the burden alone because he didn’t say anything about marriage or children but you decided that on your own because you desperately wanted to keep a man in your life.

Ladies, use your headquarters. Until a man declares his intention about dating you, don’t commit to him. A man who wants to be with you should be clear about what he wants from the start.

Don’t stop seeing other men. Don’t stop going on dates with other men. Don’t stop talking or chatting with other men. Stop boxing yourself in. Be deliberate about your life and relationships.


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