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Only insecure boys belittle successful women


Only insecure boys belittle a woman, get envious of her progress and try so hard to bring her down.

Most men don’t know that the greatest way to man up is to empower their women to be the best in what they do.

Dear insecure men crying all over social media, your penis doesn’t make you superior to women. Your standing to pee or ability to ejaculate many times a day doesn’t make you superior to any woman.

If you are threatened by your woman’s success or financial standing, you have low self esteem issues. It has nothing to do with her being humble or not.

Being rich or successful is not reserved only for men. You guys should stop disgracing your families on social media. Even if you were badly raised, don’t entertain the world with your bad behaviour.

Only insecure men belittle successful women

Many women are richer than their husbands and these men are not crying like babies who lost their feeding bottles. You should go and learn how to be real men from these men.

It says a lot about your upbringing when you keep jumping from post to post screaming men are superior to women or men are heads while women are necks. Where did you get that crap from?

When you read a post admonishing women to shake off societal pressures and live their lives to full, resist the urge to start screaming that you are superior because you possess a shrunken penis.


Men are men. Women are women. Men and women are equal. You are not superior because you have a penis. There’s nothing special about you being a man if you are suffering from small penis syndrome.

Go and argue with your insecurities. You should work on yourself and stop being jittery over successful and rich women.

It’s terrible to threaten successful women with dying single or staying in their fathers houses without marriage.

Stop throwing tantrums everywhere and ask yourselves why you are so angry that women are now more economically empowered and financially independent. Only weak and insecure men belittle successful women.

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  2. Ebube says

    Lol you snapped. Nice rant.

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