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Why some Nigerian men can’t stand self aware women


Some Nigerian men can’t stand self aware women. They can’t handle women who are aware of who they are, want they want in life and what they won’t tolerate from others.

They can’t stand women who tell them the truth to their faces. They can’t stand women who set relationship standards and stick to them. They can’t stand women who refuse to settle for anything because they have set goals for their lives.

They call these women stubborn, unsubmissive, angry, bitter and wicked. They claim such women won’t make good wives. They threaten them with getting old in their fathers houses. Laughs.

What these men are saying in essence is that they want their women to be dumb, permissive and quiet. They don’t want to be questioned.

They don’t want women who will challenge them when they start misbehaving. They don’t want women who are not afraid to say something and voice their opinions when it matters. They just want yes wives.


Why some men can’t stand self aware women

What these blind and ignorant men don’t know is that such outspoken and fearless women not only speak the truth, they make others realize their own truth.

Such women keep their men on their toes because they tell them the truth and Noe what they want to hear. They don’t massage their ego with lies while these men are destroying their lives with bad decisions.


With such women, you know where you stand. Her yes is yes. Her no is no. You know when she’s happy and when she’s sad. She doesn’t pretend to feel what she’s not feeling so that her man can feel like he is always in control.

You know when is feeling on top of the world and she feels like the bottom of an ocean. Such women are the real deal. They are what we call open books.

These women don’t entertain foolishness from insecure men who think they are God’s gift to women and that women must endure their silly behavior all the time.

They won’t be smiling at you and be praying in their hearts for you to fall and die. They wont be pretending to be loving wives in your faces while they making you take responsibility for other men’s children.

Choose wisely brothers. Don’t be deceived by fake virtuousness. These self aware women are not like your patriarchy princesses who are spiking your foods with menstrual blood and charms from different online spiritualists.

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