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10 types of people Nigerian women will meet in the gym


There are 10 types of people Nigerian women will meet in the gym if they are fitness lovers.

Here is the list:

1. The serious fitness pal. This one comes in, faces the machines or starts cardio with a straight face. No time for small talks or socializing. They don’t have time for small talks or jokes with people.

2. The ‘I too know’ person. This one goes about telling everybody what they are doing wrong with each workout. They know more than the trainers themselves. These ones waste valuable time correcting other people instead of working out.

3. Then there’s everybody’s friend. This person comes to the gym to befriend everybody. They spend hours chatting instead of working out. They have the sweetest gists to share all the time. They love to argue unnecessarily too.

4. The lazy bum. This person can’t do cardio or squats or use the machines to save their own lives. They are always complaining about workouts being too hard. They prefer to sit and watch other people sweat it out than participating and doing something to lose weight.

5. The fine boy and fine girl gang. These ones come to display their hot bodies to everyone. They spend more time admiring their bodies than working out. These ones are always working out in front of mirrors just to admire themselves better.

10 types of people Nigerian women will meet in the gym

6. The selfie takers. These ones come to the gym to take many selfies. They just want to have fun snapping pictures instead of burning calories. The amount of selfies they take everyday can fill a whole album.


7. The body odour merchants. These ones come to distract with their terrible body odour. I don’t know if they can’t perceive their body smells or what. I stay away from these ones with all my strength.

8. The ones with expensive fitness gears. These ones are very meticulous about pairing their matching outfits to the gym. When you see them, you will think they are going for fashion parade.

9. The complainers. These ones have PhD in complaining. They complain about the how difficult it is to work out. They whine about how many people are in the gym at a time. They complain about themselves too to others without working out. At the end of the day, they won’t achieve anything.

10. The weight lifters. These ones are addicted to lifting weights. They don’t care about cardio exercises. Anytime they hit the gym, they go straight to the irons and start pumping their muscles.

11. Relationship seekers. These ones just registered for gym membership to land boyfriends, girlfriends or friends with benefits in the gym.

Some of the guys who come yo the gym come fishing for lonely married women to prey on. They tell these women what they want to hear and start having sex with them in exchange for money and gifts.

Some ladies come to the gym to trap rich boyfriends or sugar daddies. They plan their moves well and become friendly with the perceived rich and generous guys just to live off them by dating them.

You can add yours to the list. This is mine because I have been going to the gym for two years now.

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  2. Ebube says

    lol. but you said 10 in the title and wrote eleven in the writeup

  3. Insta says

    Nice artical

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