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10 annoying things people tell single ladies in Nigeria


Nigerians are fond of telling single ladies what to do, how to live their lives and the things they shouldn’t do so that men can honour them with marriage.

The sad aspect of hounding single ladies to go and get married is that a lot of young men are not ready for marriage. These guys were not raised well or taught how to treat women.

Until parents correct this imbalance, we will still be hearing stories about men feeling insecure of their wives achievements. We will still be hearing stories about men who don’t know how to cook, clean, wash and take care of their own children.

Here are 10 annoying things Nigerians say to singles ladies all the time:

1. Don’t move out of your parents house until you get married so that your husband won’t think you are a promiscuous woman. This is funny as hell.

2. Don’t be too ambitious because men don’t like women who let their ambition get into their heads. What does this mean? Is a woman not supposed to be deliberate about her ambitions?

10 annoying things people tell single ladies in Nigeria


3. Even if you can afford it, don’t buy a car before you get married so that you don’t drive prospective suitors away with your lifestyle. What a silly mentality!


4. Don’t waste money buying a washing machine since you don’t have a husband and children you are washing clothes for. A lady said her neighbor told her this one day and she gave it to him.

5. Always go to church so that good men will see you and marry you. Laughs. It is always about men. Women need to constantly audition for men’s attention.

6. Don’t dress too flashy or spend too much money on clothes and jewelry so that a man won’t think you are very flamboyant. These people are funny.

7. As a single lady, you must always cook at home and avoid eating at restaurants so that eligible young men can see that you are a homely lady and a home maker too.

8. A single lady shouldn’t buy properties. She should wait until she gets married and give her husband the money she saved up to acquire the land in their names.

9. A single lady shouldn’t talk back at a man, she might chase away her would be husband by standing up to a man. This means you should allow guys talk to you anyhow.

10. A single lady shouldn’t talk about sex because men don’t like women who state clearly that they love sex. Men see these ladies as loose women who won’t make good wives.

These are some of the points I could come up with for now. You can add yours.

Single ladies have suffered in this country. The annoying thing is that people don’t tell men the same thing. They hail these men for being financially independent.

Nigerians should leave single ladies alone and focus on teaching men to behave like sane human beings so that they don’t feel insecure around ambitious and successful women.


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