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10 reasons you should get rid of any man that weighs you down


Dear Nigerian woman, any man that weighs you down emotionally, physically and mentally is a man you should get rid of.

Stop listening to people who tell you to manage him, pray for him and tolerate his abuse because he will change. They just want you to suffer unnecessarily and waste your days begging to be treated right. It’s a complete waste of time.

You are wasting your life. You are denying yourself of the best years of your life if you keep allowing another human being to weigh you down and wear you out because you want to be in a relationship with them.

Am I saying you must date and marry a perfect man? No. Am I saying you must not tolerate your man’s weaknesses? No. Am I saying you should run away from men? No.

What I am saying in essence is that staying in an abusive relationship where you cry, beg and pray to be loved and respected is not an ideal and healthy decision.

Staying in a relationship where you walk on egg shells because you don’t want to be slapped, kicked, beaten, raped and stripped naked whenever there’s a misunderstanding is not healthy.

Here are 10 reasons you must get rid of any man that weighs you down:

1. You will eat better. This is because you are no longer stressed about pleasing a man who doesn’t match your efforts or treat you right. You don’t have to be with a man who treats you like trash and still expect yourself to be sane enough to eat healthy.


2. You will sleep better. A lot of Nigerian women don’t sleep well because they are either fighting with their partners or they are wondering who these men are with or they are praying for these men to change. If you leave a bad man, you will sleep better.

10 reasons to get rid of any man weighing you down

3. You will have peace. I always say that peace is priceless and it’s true. If you are in a relationship and you don’t have peace, you are hurting yourself. Leave that man and enjoy unlimited moments of peace. Stop managing nonsense. It won’t end well.

4. You will be healthy. They say health is wealth but unfortunately, many Nigerian women are not healthy because they are busy running after men who don’t love and treat them right and stressing themselves emotionally and psychologically. These women end up with high blood pressure or other ailments from trying for years to change unwilling men.

5. You will make more money. Do you know that some are hindrances to their women’s successes and prosperity? These men who weigh women down usually render these women useless financially so that they can’t have money of their own to leave their sorry asses. But when these women eventually leave, they will be focused and inspired to make more money on their own.

6. You will be happy. Leaving a man who weighs you down is a blessing. You will live a happy life afterwards. This is because you no longer spend valuable time crying over him or begging him to treat you like you deserve. You now know better and there’s nothing as great as that. Your happiness will know no bounds.

7. You will no longer walk on eggshells because you don’t know what is going to set off your man. Now, you will start walking on rose petals because you know your worth and understand that it takes two committed people to make a relationship work. You will no longer be afraid of getting physically, verbally and emotionally abused.

8. Your self esteem is boosted. If you get rid of a man weighing you down, you will get a self esteem boost. You will now understand that there’s nothing wrong with you and that you are capable of being loved and respected just as you love and respect whoever you are in a relationship with.

9. You realize your worth is not tied to a man. This is where many Nigerian women are getting it wrong when it comes to relationships and marriage. Your worth is not tied to a man. If you understand this, you won’t allow an insecure and abusive man weigh you down for years while you keep praying for him to change. You are a complete being and you are worthy of love, respect and healthy companionship.

10. You will know what to look out for in a man going forward. When you get rid of a man weighing you down, you will be wise enough to go another relationship knowing what you want, the things you will tolerate and how you want to be treated. You will deliberately choose to be with someone who is only interested in adding to the quality of my life, someone who gives you peace rather than rob you of it. You will be with someone who values and respects your mental, emotional and spiritual health, rather than stomping all over it. You will be with someone who speaks with you rather than yells at you, caresses your body and soul rather than drain it.

Dear woman, get rid of any man that weighs you down because life is too short to spend your productive years in shackles while another human robs you of your true essence.

If you are in such a relationship full of shackles, you have the power to set yourself free because you have the keys to unlock those chains and set yourself free from a toxic and abusive and emotionally draining relationships. You have the power to change your life at any time. Sending you love and light!

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  2. Chy chygold says

    This message is for me..I am lifted already from the bondage of early marriage

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