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How else do we teach Nigerian men that rape is not a joke?


How else do we teach Nigerian men that rape is not a joke?

How else do we explain to these men that having sex with a woman without her consent is rape?

How else do we educate these men who are quick to chant ‘not all men’ whenever we talk about rape but will look the way when their friends rape women?

How else do we tell these men that rape destroys lives and the victims don’t ever recover?

Is it too hard to understand that no means no? Why do these men make a joke out of this serious issue yet they want us to take them serous when they shout not all men?

These men try to water down the issue of rape all the time but they won’t leave their daughters with male relatives. Who are they fooling?

How else do we teach Nigerian men that rape is not a joke

In what other language do we tell these men to leave women’s bodies alone and stop feeling entitled to having sexual relations with women against their wishes?

When you ask these men who claim that not all men are predatory and rapists why they won’t leave their daughters with male care givers or relatives, they start beating around the bush.


Some will tell you that women are better care givers than men. Others will claim they can’t do that because they don’t know the guy they will be leaving their daughters with well.

I laugh in confusion. Doesn’t this lay credence to the fact that most men prey on women and girls? Doesn’t this prove women right that most men are sexual predators and rapists?

I just saw a man’s comment on my page on D’Banj’s post. He said ‘Little flexing turn big wahala after many years.’

I told him that raping a woman is not flexing and that no means no. Uncle is arguing with me. He said women mean yes when they say no.

Tomorrow, when his own rape story starts trending, his fellow men will claim it’s witch hunting and that women just want to pull him down.

We hear you people loud and clear. We hear you. We know your stand but we have equally taken ours. We name and shame you. Enough is enough!

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  2. Ebube says

    some people are disgusting sha

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