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Women, stop making unending sacrifices in marriage


Dear Nigerian women, stop making unending sacrifices in marriage. Stop shortchanging yourselves. Being married doesn’t mean you should stop looking out for your financial interests and well being.

I find it funny that some Nigerian women believe that making sacrifices for their marriages without protecting themselves financially means anything in this society.

These women cook, clean, get pregnant, give birth, nurse their babies, take care of the home front for free but they have a problem with women who get paid for these services.

These same women who know women who have been rendered homeless in minutes because their husbands suddenly died and their in-laws took everything from them are angry that some other women are making money at home.

They claim marriage is not a business venture but a place of sacrifices. How come it is only women who are expected to make such sacrifices for their marriages to their own detriment? How can you confidently sacrifice everything for an uncertain future?

Why Nigerian women should stop making unending sacrifices in marriage

These sacrificial lambs don’t know if their husbands have written their wills not to talk of including their names in these wills. Their husbands don’t buy properties in these women’s names because they don’t want to die and one small boy will come and take over everything.

Some of these husbands have their brothers as emergency contacts. Their brothers are their next of kin. Their brothers know how many landed properties they have and where these properties are located but their sacrificial wives will be left homeless and penniless she. they suddenly die.

Some of these husbands women are sacrificing their time, body, cooking cleaning and managerial skills for don’t even care about what will happen to these women and their children if they are no more. Yet, women think their sacrifices will mean anything when shit hits the roof.


The men you are sacrificing everything for are taking care of themselves. They are protecting themselves against sudden life changes but you are on Facebook arguing over women who are teaching other women the importance of protecting themselves financially.

We see you, sacrificial lambs. Tomorrow, you won’t let us hear word about how you sacrificed so much for your marriage but ended up treated like a nobody. You people should have sense o. Women, be wise!

Don’t be naive, protect yourselves financially. Money is power. Your money is your protection in this society. Make money. Don’t sacrifice your ability to make money on the altar of marriage. Learn from other women’s mistakes.


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