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Dear woman, recognize when a relationship is over and let it go


Dear Nigerian woman, recognize when a friendship, a phase, a relationship or life stage is over and let it go.

Stop holding on to dead weight in dead situations. Stop making excuses for putting up with unprofitable relationships.

When should you let go of a relationship? You should do this when you cry more than you are happy. If a relationship gives you troubles more than peace, you have to let it go.

You must protect your peace and dignity. You shouldn’t lose yourself while holding on to the person hurting you. Stop it!

If something is draining you, holding you back and making you question your worth, why are you still holding on to it?

You keep telling yourself that settling for an expired phase and relationship is better than having nothing.

You deserve better than you are settling for because of fear. You deserve to be loved, cared for, encouraged and lifted by the people in your life.

When you hold on to dead weight, you are hurting yourself. You are limiting yourself. You are robbing yourself of the opportunity to truly live your life to the full.

Recognize when a relationship is over and let it go

Know when to gracefully exit situations you have outgrown. Don’t force things to remain the same.

Moving on doesn’t have to be a dramatic event. There’s no profit in cursing and swearing. Do it for your own good.

Just move on. Move forward silently but purposefully. Move forward with peace and clarity. Move forward knowing that better days are ahead. Life goes on.

You can’t live your best life holding on to dead weight. This is how to let go of a bad relationship and move on.

How do you get over a dead relationship?

1. You acknowledge first of all that you are not getting what you deserve from the relationship be it friendship, companionship, intimacy, communication or love. Don’t lie to yourself. Confront your problems and be determined to change things.

2. Create a separation from the person who is hurting you. This will be painful especially if you are the type that loves deeply. You will hurt a lot trying to move on from this dead relationship but in the long run, it’s worth it. You have to put yourself first.

3. Engage in other activities to keep your mind off the relationship you just ended. If you don’t do this, you might be tempted to go back to the person who treats you badly because of loneliness. Stay strong. You have to be strong for yourself.

4. Don’t jump into another relationship because you want to show your ex boyfriend or ex friend that you can live without them. Actually, that’s your insecurities at work. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody, just heal completely. You must prove to yourself that you can do this.

5. Don’t trade your self worth for any relationship or friendship. Let people know upfront who you are, what you want and how you want to be treated. Carry yourself with dignity. Treat yourself with love and respect and other people won’t have a choice but to fall in line and treat you the same way.

Dear woman, learn to let go of dead relationships for your own good.

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