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Not every person who walks into your life is meant to stay


Dear woman, it’s not every person who walks into your life that is meant to stay. If you come to terms with this reality, you will know that crying over a toxic relationship is not worth it.

Does this mean you won’t hurt over losing that person? No. You will hurt a lot. It will look as if your heart is being stabbed by a sharp knife. You will even feel sick at some point.

If your heart hurts a little after letting go of someone or something, that’s okay. It just means that your feelings were genuine. It means you were honest with the person and wanted the best for your relationship.

No one likes ends and no one likes pain, but sometimes, you have to put things that were once good to an end after they turn toxic to your wellbeing. Toxicity is not good for any woman’s mental health.

Not every person who walks into your life is meant to stay

You should know that not every new beginning is meant to last forever and not every person who walks into your life is meant to stay. Some people are meant to stay for a season and when that season expires, you have to let them go.

Nigerian women should know that the best way to heal from relationship hurts is to learn lessons from the situation and use these hard lessons to focus on growth and move forward.

If you get stuck in the past while thinking about what “should have been,” you will become lost in your pains, negative feelings and sad memories that your life might become stagnant. You need to let go of the pain.

Focusing on yourself is important when it comes to dealing with past hurts. You have to make the choice to address the hurt that you have experienced.


When you think about the person who caused you pain, bring yourself back to the present. Then, focus on something that you are grateful for. This way, you will focus on the positive.


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