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Staying loyal to a man who is not loyal to you is being disrespectful to yourself


Dear woman, at some point, you have to realize that being loyal to a man who is not loyal to you is being disrespectful to yourself.

You can’t live your whole life staying loyal to a man who lies to you, cheats on you, disrespects you, threatens to leave you whenever you demand for him to be accountable for his actions.

You don’t have to cry, beg, grovel and displease yourself to be loyal to an unwilling man. You are messing with your mental health and future.

If you continue allowing this man get away with everything he’s doing to you, how then will he know that you deserve to be loved and disrespected?

You should know that you are not a dumping ground for unserious, disloyal and badly behaved men. You didn’t come to this world to babysit overgrown babies. Stop hurting yourself.

Dear Nigerian women, being a ride or die chic to men who don’t care about hurting you and destroying your self esteem gradually is not something you should be proud of.

Staying loyal to a man who is not loyal to you is being disrespectful to yourself

You shouldn’t be proud of being in abusive and toxic relationships because you want to pepper your enemies. You are peppering your heart and messing up your tomorrow.

Stop waiting for the disrespectful man you are dating to change and treat you right. If he doesn’t see anything wrong with his attitude, he won’t make efforts to change. And he will continue to hurt you.


You will wake up ten years later exhausted, bitter, angry and vengeful that you spent some of the best years of your life waiting for an unwilling man to change but he never did.

Why not love yourself some more so that your self esteem can take a boost. Low self esteem makes you stay with a man who doesn’t love you. If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect a man to love you?

When you lack self esteem, you remain with a man who will confuse you into believing that he’s the only for you and that if you leave him, you won’t find another man who will love you. That’s a huge lie.

Women, leave toxic and abusive men alone. Stop disrespecting yourself and trampling on your own dignity. Stop being loyal to men who don’t know what loyalty means. Snap out of it!


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