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Memo to ‘What God cannot do does not exist’ people who bombard my inbox with unsolicited prayers


Dear ‘What God cannot do does not exist’ people, leave my inbox alone. Say your daily prayers but leave me out of it. T for thanks.

When someone steals, you make excuses for them claiming poverty made them do it.

When you see someone doing better than you, you become envious and scheme how to pull them down.

When you see a man beating a woman, you blame her for talking back at him and tell her to be more submissive.

When a man sexually assaults a woman, you tell her she seduced him by smiling too much or dressing scantily.

When a man rapes a woman, you blame her dressing, ask her why she went out late or blame her for being alone at home.

When you cheat someone you do business with, you claim it’s God’s favour or you claim you are hustling.


When a man molests a child, you claim it’s not ordinary, you tell people to pray for him to repent but you don’t say anything about the child whose life has been messed up.

When a father sexually molests his daughter or daughters, you blame his wife for not giving me enough sex or you claim the girl isn’t his biological child.

When you see a married man cheating on his wife with different women, you face front or hail him for being s stud. You claim it is our culture.

When you see someone doing something bad, you keep quiet. You claim it is not your business but you spend hours praying.

What kind of prayers are you people praying? With all the religious activities and prayers going on in this country, things are getting worse.

You people should gedifok out of my space with your ‘What God cannot do does not exist’ prayer bombardment in my inbox. I don’t need it. I pray to God myself and that’s all that matters.


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