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Being kind doesn’t mean you should be everybody’s doormat


We need to stop associating being a kind person with how much one is willing to suffer in silence for other people.

We need to stop telling people to put up with energy drainers and users who only remember them when they want something from them.

Kindness is a type of behavior marked by acts of generosity, consideration, or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward.

Someone can be kind and still have firm boundaries in place so that other people won’t start disrespecting them.

Someone can be kind and still say no to things they can’t do for other people maybe because they can’t afford it or they don’t have time.

Someone can be kind and refuse to be uncomfortable by other people’s attitude and endless demands.



Someone can be kind and still disagree with other people, what they say, what they do and how they behave without being called names.

Being kind is treating people with kindness and respect not being the equivalent of a doormat that anybody can step on.

If you have a kind heart, guard it. Don’t allow people take advantage of you anyhow. Say no and stick to it. You are human too.

Being kind often requires courage and strength, as it involves the willingness to celebrate and give attention to someone else.

It is also about giving honest feedback when doing so is helpful to the other person. Moreover, kindness includes acting and speaking in a compassionate way to others and yourself. This is why kindness is so powerful.

Kindness is so important because it allows us to connect with other people and build meaningful relationships. When someone is kind to us, we feel connected and more willing to cooperate with them.

When you do something nice for someone, you cultivate trust, and feel good about yourself for being a kind person but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be used.

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