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5 ways to keep your parents happy


Your parents made a decision to bring you into this world and they raised you up.

Remember that they have always been there for you, have taught you the right way to go, have provided, loved and cared for you.

It is important to thank your parents for this lovely life and show them a lot of respect.

Yes, you never asked to be born, and you were not able to choose your parents, but you are still here anyway.

It is easy to take your parents for granted, forgetting the sacrifices they made for you and the effort it took to raise you up.

They have dedicated a lot of their time to you, have offered you knowledge from their experiences, have cautioned you and taught you the right things to do.

It is also important to note that you don’t just have biological parents, other people in your life may act as parental figures to you and deserve respect from you.


Here are 5 ways to make your parents happy:

1. Help them out.
Do chores. Run errands for them. Give them the remote that is next to them. Do a task before they ask you to.

2. Listen up
Listen to what they tell you, even if you have heard it before. You may have seen that broadcast message or video they shared with you before, but they would appreciate it if you laughed at that dry joke or discussed it with them.

3. Engage in healthy conversations 
Do not just have conversations with them, make sure those conversations are good. Try to have level conversations with them while still acknowledging the fact that they are your parents and older than you. Listen to and do not criticize or belittle their opinions and do not try to force yours on them.

4. Make them feel good
When your mother dresses up for an event and is looking beautiful, tell her just that. Commend your father on that little piece of advice he gave you that worked. Just remember to tell them how much you care.

5. Visit as often as you can
Those small visits mean a lot to them, believe it or not. Drop by at their work place with a card or just to give them a hug. Stop by at home to give them good news or just to “gist”. It would mean a lot to them. Try not to share bad news or bring up bad memories with them.


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