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How UNILAG Lecturers Frustrated Me Because My Topic Was On Sexual Harassment’ -Blogger


A writer who had her convocation yesterday, July 6, took to Instagram to claim that she was frustrated by Unilag lecturers because her project topic was on sexual harassment.

She explained that she experienced sexual harassment from a lecturer who then made her get a carryover in his course because she wouldn’t give in to his demands.

For her final year project, she decided to do a project on the MeToo movement and sexual harassment.

She said this was after the BBC Sex For Grade exposé that saw a lecturer of the institution propositioning a prospective student for sex on camera.

She explained that because of her topic, her supervisor frustrated her. She said that she was also frustrated by the male lecturers on her defense panel. She added that those lecturers are notorious in the field.

She said her supervisor had to beg for the men in the panel to let her go and she eventually joined her mates in graduating.



@virtuousi wrote: “Today is my convocation after finishing from Unilag in 2019. At least they saw us worthy to hold a ceremony for.

You guyssss, thank you for the love

Four years in Unilag and there was no day I didn’t threaten to drop out. The moment a lecturer moved to me, I lost total interest in school and hated that school with my entire being. Yes, I got carry overs in his courses for two years plus even though his courses were where my strength lied.

In my final year, I did my final year project on the Me too movement which was centered around sexual harassment, this topic didn’t sit well with some of my lecturers because this was coming after the Sex for grades documentary.

When I got to chapter four, my supervisor swore that she didn’t remember approve my topic, I left her office and broke down.

On the day of my defense, the men on my panel were the ones that were most notorious in that field. They finished me.

I was the only one with that topic in the entire department and my work was impeccable as acknowledged by the sub supervisor I was referred to but they didn’t even let me introduce myself before they asked why I picked the topic. My supervisor had to beg them to let me go.”

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